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October 27, 2004

Tim Wakefield


Q. Have you ever been in this position of preparing for a start that you hope you don't have to make because of the circumstances of the situation?

TIM WAKEFIELD: I was in this position in the Divisional Series, I was supposed to pitch Game 4 and we won Game 3.

Q. Before this, anything like that?

TIM WAKEFIELD: No, not at all.

Q. What's the mood like right now in the clubhouse, preparing for this game?

TIM WAKEFIELD: We're excited, knowing that the situation was -- we were in the same position the Cardinals were in, but we're also confident in our abilities to -- like Terry (Francona) had said before, when we were in the ALCS, win tomorrow -- or win today, worry about tomorrow when it comes. That's our goal as a team. We want to win today and worry about tomorrow when that day comes, too.

Q. Tim, the organization and the fans in Boston have been identified for so long as forever chasing something that seemed unattainable for whatever reasons. And how will that change? How will the identity change when Boston -- whenever it occurs, when Boston becomes a champion?

TIM WAKEFIELD: I think the city is going to be on fire, not literally -- (laughter) hopefully that won't happen, but the passion that the fans in Boston have is so great. And being here for ten years I've noticed that passion, and even before that I knew about it. So for us to win this thing for the city of Boston, it will mean a tremendous thing for all the fans that have been supporting the Red Sox for so many years. I'm just excited that we have the opportunity to do that for them.

Q. How do you think things might change as far as the way that the fans feel about themselves or their team, now that what they've been chasing for decades and decades?

TIM WAKEFIELD: I think they can walk with their heads held high, very, very proud of what the Boston Red Sox will accomplish.

Q. They won't miss complaining?

TIM WAKEFIELD: I don't know.

Q. In at least the Boston papers and maybe more recently it's been reported that you guys decided to vote Nomar a full share of your postseason stuff. And I was wondering what were some of your thoughts when you guys were deciding that?

TIM WAKEFIELD: I actually wasn't in that meeting, unfortunately, it's the first meeting I've ever missed. I had some family issues to take care of. I gave my two cents prior to them having the meeting and I voted him to have a full share, because he was a big part of us getting to the point we got. And I think he deserves it.

Q. If you guys win this championship, does it change the way things are for you guys, the expectations, lessening the pressure, where it might be a little easier to play in Boston?

TIM WAKEFIELD: It might be a little easier, but I know how the fans are, and they expect a winner every time we step on the field. And that's the passion the fans of Boston have. I've been there for ten years now and understand. You've got to perform well there. You're playing in a big market and you're playing in front of the most passionate baseball fans that I've ever played in front of. They expect you to win there.

Q. Tim, you're the longest tenured Boston player. Have other guys you played with reached out to you, and what do you think those conversations will be if and when the Red Sox win a championship? Will you reach out to them guys who mentored you or do you think you'll get a lot of calls in return?

TIM WAKEFIELD: I don't think there will be a need to me to discuss how it is to play in Boston anymore, if and when we win this. I have had some younger guys come to me and ask how it is and how to deal with it and some guys are very, very professional and deal with it on their own. So hopefully we can get this done.

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