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October 8, 2005

Joe Torre

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Game Four (Postponed)

Q. I guess the obvious question is, have you given any more thought to bringing back Moose?

JOE TORRE: No. I talked to him just five minutes ago. He's doing fine. He's doing fine. No, I mean, he's going to pitch Game 5 for us.

Q. Can you talk a little about what Cano has brought to you, your team, and also about managing that part of his career when there's so much to shape?

JOE TORRE: You know what's interesting about Robby is, I've managed a few ballclubs, a lot of the clubs that I've been with, didn't afford a lot of the luxuries that we have here, with an owner that spends as much money as George does. So you're looking for young kids to come along. To have Robby make such an impact in an organization that really, I don't want to say doesn't rely on youngsters, because you have Bernie Williams came through the system, Pettitte and Posada and Jeter. But to have him come in this run of playoff teams that we've had and make an impact is pretty incredible. Personality-wise, as I say, he reminds me of Jeter in that he just dismisses whatever happens. If he makes an error, not that it doesn't bother him, but it doesn't -- you know, he doesn't hide out somewhere. He's going to be a special young man. There's a lot of things he's going to have to deal with here on his way to that, but hopefully he'll be able to do that.

Q. Given the possibility that if you win you have to go to the West Coast and play an afternoon game, is TV making tomorrow a night game instead of a day game unfair to the players?

JOE TORRE: For both teams it's the same. If one team was subject to one thing and another team another, that's one thing, but both teams are doing the same thing. But it is about TV. We did this, I guess it was 2000 where we played that night game on a Saturday, and the only difference in that one was the fact that we lost Game 4 and had to go out there and win Game 5. So in order for us to go out there for Game 5, we have to be going out on a positive note, and that's the important thing of going on the road is to win a ballgame and then going somewhere else. But, again, it's one thing about what's gone on in sports with baseball because of the scheduling, is that you just accept whatever comes down, because if you start getting lost there, you're going to wind up getting distracted and using it as an excuse, and this is no time for excuses.

Q. What is Mike doing out there, is he working out?

JOE TORRE: Yeah, I'm not telling you where, because I don't want people hanging out, but we left Mike Borzello with him, who is our bullpen catcher. They have been doing regular workouts. Mike is very responsible, I think you all know that, so I'm not really concerned about the fact that he'll be ready to pitch.

Q. Because Randy only pitched those three innings, does he figure into your plans tomorrow or Monday?

JOE TORRE: Well, I think whenever Randy feels physically able to do it, he'll jump in there. He's done this before where he has volunteered for bullpen work. But when you're up against it like we are right now, we certainly look for a show of hands and we'll take whatever help we can get. Obviously there's more to Randy Johnson than what he can give us out of the bullpen. The health issue is the first thing, and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with him, but we wouldn't jeopardize doing something that would hurt him. So that's the first thing, and after that, we certainly would pull out all of the stops to win the game tomorrow.

Q. Players that have struggled in post-season, do you believe that ultimately if they are a good player, eventually they will prove their worth; specifically, about Tom Gordon?

JOE TORRE: Well, Tom Gordon, everything we have done leading up, he's won so many and he's come in and been successful in so many key games down the stretch which we never would have realized being here unless it was him. I mean, saving a 1-0 game in Toronto is one, especially with a couple of men on base and then pitching himself out of a jam. Tom Gordon is fine. Last night he gave up a double and then tried to make a pitch and hit a hitter and it was one of those things. It's too bad. I mean, you're right, because when they come up as stats, it doesn't tell you the story about the trust we have in him and the fact that we'd use him next time. But I guess that's something that you're just going to have to pitch a couple of good games to have people stop asking the question. And I'm not saying you shouldn't ask the question.

Q. Even though you get everybody back for your bullpen because of this day off tomorrow, Chacón has had some experience in the last month of picking you guys up after starts like that; even though he has not pitched in a post-season game, does that give you confidence in him?

JOE TORRE: Yeah, he's the first one that expressed unhappiness about today's game being rained out. He was in there, he was sort of getting into his head the situation of pitching the game. I feel pretty good about him. Again, he has not pitched for a while. He has not been on the mound for a week now because it was Sunday in Boston. We'll see. And he's a feel guy. He's going to have to feel it with all of the different types of pitches he does throw. But he'll be there for us. He'll be there for us. We'll all be there. And hopefully what we bring to the table is going to be enough to move it out west.

Q. Did you make out a lineup for today?

JOE TORRE: Messed with it. But we'll give it to you tomorrow.

Q. With the weather, are you thinking about whether you'll play Bernie tomorrow?

JOE TORRE: This field is good. It can take a lot of rain since they redid it about three years ago. The drainage and stuff in this ballpark has been terrific. But no, again, that's another consideration. It wouldn't be the field, though. It's just we have some options that we can use for tomorrow and Ruben is one, Crosby is another. We'll have to look at it.

Q. The word when Juan Rivera was here, did he get caught up in numbers games here and not get a chance to establish himself and also injuries, too?

JOE TORRE: Well, he was traded for Vazquez. We gave up a player, but again, I thought he was going to be a pretty good hitter, maybe not a lead-the-league-in-hitting, but he had a good approach to hitting and he seemed to have a good feel for the game. But you knew you were giving up a player that had some ability because of the pitch you were getting back there was no hesitation in doing it. It was no case of getting rid of somebody.

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