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October 6, 2005

Tim Wakefield


PHYLLIS MERHIGE: First question for Tim Wakefield.

Q. Talk about your preparations this week, how things have gone since your last outing against the Yankees.

TIM WAKEFIELD: I had an extra day's rest on this turn. I prepared like I normally would during the regular season. I feel great and I'm ready to go tomorrow.

Q. Would you talk about what you've learned from the first two games of the series after watching the White Sox hitters.

TIM WAKEFIELD: We've known they've been very tough. Playing them during the regular season, they've hit the ball very well against us. We just have to stay aggressive. We've been in this situation before. Now that we're back at home playing in front of our home crowd, there's still a chance.

Q. Is it human nature to feel a little more pressure going into a game like this for you or not?

TIM WAKEFIELD: There's always pressure when you get into the post-season. You know, coming into Game 3, down 2-nothing, there's a little bit more pressure there. Like I said before, this team's been in this situation before, not only last year but 2003 against Oakland. We still have a majority of those guys still left in that clubhouse from 2003. We're playing at home where we've played the best all year. I think everybody's rearing to go for tomorrow.

Q. You personally started two elimination games. Do you take any experience out of that?

TIM WAKEFIELD: A little bit. Being in the post-season before with this team, being in the situation before, I think everybody in the clubhouse knows how we have to play tomorrow. I think everybody's ready. I know I am. I'm going to go out there tomorrow and do the best that I can.

Q. You've been in this situation actually several times before. As a team you've done pretty well. Do you have any explanation for that?

TIM WAKEFIELD: No (laughter). It might be that when you're back's against the wall, you come out fighting. I think we've shown that even last year. We played so bad the middle part of the season, towards the end of the second half, and we were vying for the wildcard spot. We played great baseball after that knowing that we had to play hard. I think this is the same case.

Q. When you're on your regular rest, a little more rested, would you talk about what that means for what kind of pitches you throw.

TIM WAKEFIELD: It doesn't really change anything. You know, my start against the Yankees before the season ended on three days' rest, I felt fine physically. I just never really had a feel for the ball. With the normal rest or an extra day's rest, I don't go into a game thinking I'm going to be different. I have to establish my knuckleball early and make 'em swing. That's pretty much my philosophy there.

Q. Is there anyone in the White Sox lineup that's given you fits or anything like that?

TIM WAKEFIELD: Not that I can recall, no. They've got a strong lineup top to bottom. My job is to try to eliminate that, just go about my business, be aggressive, see how the game plays out.

PHYLLIS MERHIGE: Thank you very much for coming in.

TIM WAKEFIELD: Thank you, Phyllis.

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