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October 5, 2005

Mark Buehrle


Q. Mark, what adjustment did you make after the third inning after they kept hitting everything in the opposite field?

MARK BUEHRLE: Throw it down the middle and let them hit harder. The first inning I fell behind, but other than that I felt like I made a couple good pitches. The pitch to Ramirez that almost went to the wall, it was a fast ball and I hit my spot. I had to keep going out there and battling. I was frustrating myself but I wanted to give the team a chance to come back.

Q. Talk about being up 2 games to 0 going to Boston.

MARK BUEHRLE: It's definitely huge. I think people know what the Red Sox did to the Yankees last year, and with that lineup, we can't slow down. We've got to go out there and finish these guys as quick as we can.

Q. To watch Graffanino have that ball go through his legs, is that hard?

MARK BUEHRLE: When it happened, I said it kills me because I love Graffanino and he's a great guy, but when he's on the other team, we're trying to win no matter what. It's unfortunate for him, but it's fortunate that so we could take the lead.

Q. You guys scored five runs in the fifth inning. You finished your performance with like 11 of 12. Talk about that. You went up and hugged Tadahito, and talk about that exchange?

MARK BUEHRLE: Going back out there after we scored the five runs, and to take a lead like that, you want to go out there and throw 0s as quick as you can. I want to go out there and say, you know what I need to throw 0s as quick as I can, first guy came on, and I said "Here we go again." Once I got taken out, I went over and gave everybody high fives in the offense and said "Thanks."

Q. What were you thinking the way they were hitting? Were you thinking, what do I have to do to get these guys out?

MARK BUEHRLE: Pretty much. That's the way it's been all season. Everything I throw up there, they take close pitches. Anything in the strike zone, they hit and wait for me to make a mistake, and they hit the ball hard, so I'm just fortunate that we're up 2-0 and hopefully we can sweep these guys so I don't have to face them.

Q. With the Graffanino error and the Iguchi home run, does it make up for the Manny home run earlier and the Crede bobble?

MARK BUEHRLE: Well, I don't know if Crede had a hard time reading the ball, but Crede's been great defensively all year. It's frustrating to start off a game like that, but we had to bear down and try to get the guys out. If guys make errors, that's going to happen.

Q. I'm talk about the game earlier this year.

MARK BUEHRLE: I don't recall that game. It was a long time ago.

Q. Ozzie thought that maybe you were a little anxious in the first inning, first Playoff start and everything. Did you have any feelings of nerves or anything like that?

MARK BUEHRLE: I think I was more nervous yesterday sitting on the bench. Obviously, when I woke up this morning I was really nervous. Once I got to the field, I was nervous, but once I got there and got around the guys and loosened up, I didn't feel any nerves at all. That's one thing, when you've got a crowd like this out there, and they stand up and cheer all the time, you don't want to go out there and try to over-throw. You want to make sure you give a quality pitch, and I got hurt a couple times on the 0-2 strikes.

Q. Can you describe the resiliency of this team. It seems like you have been bouncing back all season.

MARK BUEHRLE: That's what I've always said, if we give up runs early, we've got to go out there and throw 0s. The way this offense has been hitting the last couple of weeks, just go out there and throw 0s because we know they're going to come in and put some runs on the board. I was frustrated myself giving up those runs.

Q. Can you talk about the significance yourself tonight, Jose last night, you kept them in the yard, not one homer by them.

MARK BUEHRLE: I'm going to give up a lot of hits being in the strike zone. I don't walk too many guys, so teams come up there hacking, it's one thing if I out there to give up hits, it's just keep it in the ballpark. That's the thing for me.

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