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October 5, 2005

Terry Francona


Q. Terry, on the error by Graffanino, was it just a matter of him rushing it and did he have a reasonable chance at a double play, in your mind?

TERRY FRANCONA: I think so, and again, I think he understood the importance of who is running and being quick. I thought he tried to be a little bit too quick. He was trying to make a reasonable chance. I think we had a shot at it. It would have been close.

Q. Terry, can you put it in perspective, you played well tonight and yet you lost tonight. You are down 2. Can you put it in your perspective, your thoughts?

TERRY FRANCONA: The perspective is we're down 0-2, so we don't play tomorrow, we have a workout, and show up with some optional hitting, and we'll try to win our next game.

Q. Terry, was there anything you noticed among your hitters in the second half of the game after you get the 4-0 lead, was there anything Buehrle was doing different after you get the 4-0 lead in the third?

TERRY FRANCONA: No, I thought he actually pitched very well the whole game. I thought we did a very good job of trying to take what he gives you. If you try to pull the ball, you got a chance to not only make one out but two out. We hit some very hard balls right on the nose. Olerud comes to mind. I thought we had very good at-bats.

Q. Terry, is there any comfort in knowing you have had your backs against the wall like this before?

TERRY FRANCONA: I would rather have it the other way. The comfort I have is our ability to play. We'll show up and play the next game. That's what's important. That's what it's in front of us. That's what we can control. The comfort level I have is I know we will play. That's what gives me the most comfort.

Q. Terry, was it the approach by the White Sox hitters to Wells on the 4th inning that kind of changed the tenor of the game, sort of?

TERRY FRANCONA: You probably would get a better answer if you asked them. I thought Boomer, you know, the one ball that was hit that left the ballpark was a breaking ball, middle, not quite down enough. When you give them extra outs, there is always the possibility of that happening, it was a ground ball to the middle. The double down the line wasn't hit well. I didn't think he even thought it was going to be fair. No, I think we gave them an extra opportunity and they made us pay for it.

Q. Terry, before yesterday's game you have mentioned you are aware of what Iguchi has been doing during the regular season. Today's home run, was it also what you are aware of today?


Q. You said before yesterday's game that you were pretty much aware of what Iguchi has done during the regular season. Is today's home run also what you have aware of or you were sort of expecting as a second hitter?

TERRY FRANCONA: To put it as simple as I can, we really weren't hoping for that. Are we aware he can hit the ball out of the ballpark? Sure. Yeah, I mean, yeah. We weren't really looking for that, but we were aware that this kid can hit the ball out of the ballpark, sure.

Q. Terry, when you made the switch with Wells and Papelbon, how much did the previous at-bats factor into making that switch?

TERRY FRANCONA: I didn't think Boomer was out of gas, but at this point if he happens to hang a breaking ball, we don't want to be down two. Down one is enough. I thought it was the time. I thought he pitched great, actually. I thought it was time to keep it right where it was.

Q. Terry, you guys have, I think, the Jenks walk in the 8th out, I don't think you have had an intentional walk. Is that just White Sox hitting spots or do you see your guys going out of the zone at all?

TERRY FRANCONA: I don't think we went out of the zone very much. He throws a lot of strikes. He's walked, I think, four left-handers all year. If you go up and try to walk against Mark Buehrle, you will be making some right turns. I thought we did a pretty good job. We took what he gave us, hit the ball the other way, scored early, just after a point they scored, and then we couldn't come back.

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