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March 8, 2006

Robert Eenhoorn

Andruw Jones


THE MODERATOR: Welcome to the post-game formal interview of the Netherlands and Puerto Rico game of the World Baseball Classic. Interviews will be conducted in English and Spanish. We ask that you please be patient as the entire process will be interpreted. Our interpreter this evening is Pablo Chang.
I'm going to introduce the Netherlands team, Robert Eenhoorn, manager, and Rob Cordemans, starting pitcher. We will open the floor now for questions.
Q. There was a heated debate, discussion after Rodriguez' home run, and we were not privy to that discussion. Could you please further speak on that?
ROBERT EENHOORN: Well, it had nothing to do with Rodriguez, it was just something that happened the inning before. But I didn't think it was a big deal, but obviously to him it was. I'm not going to go into the discussion. I don't think that that was the ballgame tonight. Puerto Rico swung the bat very well. They got our starting pitcher up to his pitch counts real quick. But still, in the 5th inning, we were in the ballgame and we were going to go for it, but they had some good ABs there. That was a tough inning for us.
Then I thought they swung the bat better than we did tonight, and that was the difference in the ballgame.
Q. Andruw Jones, there is quite a difference between playing in the Major Leagues as a baseball player and playing in the world championships, especially playing as a baseball player for your team, both as an individual, as a baseball player and as a human being; could you please tell us about that difference?
ANDRUW JONES: It's always different. It's still baseball. You've still got to go out there and do the right thing. Baseball essentially is the same and it really isn't too different. We play baseball every day and it isn't all the time that you have an opportunity to play with a team from the Netherlands. We don't do that all year-round. We have a very young team and we do not have that much experience with regard to the major leagues.
Simply said, Puerto Rico played a better game tonight. They made less errors than we did. That was it.
Q. What did you think was the biggest difficulty in playing in this sort of environment, Puerto Rico being the home team?
ROB CORDEMANS: It's different, but we've been in some games before in big tournaments. It's not that we're not used to it, so it shouldn't make any difference at all.
Q. After watching Puerto Rico play tonight, what do you think is the probability of them winning the rest of the rounds and taking it all the way to San Diego?
ANDRUW JONES: They've got a good team. Like everybody has a good chance in this Classic. Whatever team that plays good got a good chance. They've got good talent, they've got major league hitters on their team. Like I say, everybody is struggling a little bit with the pitchers. Whatever team makes less mistakes has a good chance to make it all the way.

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