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March 14, 2006

Paquin Estrada

Esteban Loaiza


Q. Two questions. One for Mr. Estrada. Have you picked a starting pitcher for Thursday's game? And then for Esteban, clearly you didn't have the control and sharpness of last week. Was this one of those spring bumps in the road that pitchers experience?
MANAGER PAQUIN ESTRADA: Yes, for Thursday we have starting Oscar Perez. We're going to continue with this. We're going to try our hardest come what may. Oliver, Oliver Perez.
ESTEBAN LOAIZA: Well, I tried my best to win, but my pitching wasn't always in the strike zone. I never thought that would happen. And then the homerun, it went up. It was one of those instances when the batter surprises the pitcher, and that's how they go 4-0.
It's too bad. It would have been like in Phoenix. I wished it could have continued that way, but it was coming out of a tough rally, and these are the chances that I this. I hope that tomorrow and the next day will be better.
Q. This is a question for Paquin. How much can you attribute to not having the conventional batters that you typically have, one and two batters that you typically have?
MANAGER PAQUIN ESTRADA: Yes, it's important. That's when we started, we had Karim, but we put in -- this time we put in Luis Carlos. I think that what we filled in was the offense. We had very good pitching results, but what counts are the runs.
Q. Esteban, what most impressed about the Japanese starters poise, command, or --
ESTEBAN LOAIZA: Well, I think definitely pitching is important. Pitching is what makes the game. But they did very well in batting as well. That's when they had the 4 runs. Otherwise, we would have had had -- we would have tied one-to-one. And definitely pitching is what's it's all about.
In this case, in this tournament, if you don't get the two wins over one, then you go home. We hope to be better with the United States and take with us the good souvenirs and good memories over the past two weeks.
Q. I have a question to Mr. Estrada. I have actually two questions. My first question will be, after playing games with two Asian countries, could you please tell us the impression or any differences, if you ever had, between the expectations and actual performance of the players? And my second would be, today, as you see, many of us are from Japan and Korea, and we are Japanese and Korean journalists. If you could give us a little bit of a heads up regarding the forecast of the game between these two countries. Please do comment on that.
MANAGER PAQUIN ESTRADA: Well, yes, we did see. It's a different kind of baseball than from Mexico and from the United States. It's very' aggressive baseball. It's very fast baseball. I think pitching is more or less similar to Mexico, although there were a lot of breaking pitches and a lot of changes, and we couldn't adjust to that.
It's very aggressive baseball, and we couldn't do anything with that. I think that Japan is a superior to who we have seen winning so far.
MANAGER PAQUIN ESTRADA: Mexico is going to try to finish as well as possible. We still have one game to go, and we're going to try very hard and we're going to try to finish as we should.
Q. We're not out yet.
THE JAPANESE INTERPRETER: May you repeat again once more the second question? The comment, the second question, if there was any comment from you for the forecast of the game between Japan versus Korea.
MANAGER PAQUIN ESTRADA: Japan, in my opinion. (Spanish) (Laughter)
Q. I have two questions, one for Mr. Estrada and one for Mr. Esteban. Mr. Estrada, you said in your opinion the pitchers from Japan and Korea were very good. I'd like to ask you about Mexico's lineup as well. The question for Esteban is about Mexico's lineup. About Gonzalez and Castro, did they live up to expectations, and did you, Esteban, feel you were left alone on the offense by the players, and did you get -- were the pitchers disappointed by the lineup?
MANAGER PAQUIN ESTRADA: Well, in regard to your question, I think that baseball is about having fun and, of course, trying to win.
My team is the best team I have, and I can't say that who failed and who did not. I think that we must have confidence, and I think that we also had very aggressive pitching from the opponents, and I think that's something that we have to accept.
ESTEBAN LOAIZA: Well, as he said, I think that our lineup was the best, of course. We always like to see excellent pitching like we saw from Japan and we saw from Korea yesterday.
I think though that we all played well. I can't say anything about batting or pitching necessarily. I think we're all a family. We're all a team. And I think the way we've played so far, we can hold our heads up.
Baseball is about -- this is the way it is. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you win. You have to know how to accept that. I'm not going to point any fingers and say who failed. I think we're all trying hard and try to make it to the next round and to play very well the day after tomorrow. We have to wait and see.

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