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March 12, 2006

Manny Acta

Juan Brito

Miguel Tejada


THE MODERATOR: Good evening. Welcome to the post-game formal interview of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico baseball game of the second round of the World Baseball Classic in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My name is Barbara Mari. Before I introduce the members of Team Dominican Republic, I want to explain how the interview process will work today and every day after. Interviews will be conducted in English and Spanish. We ask you to please be patient as the entire process will be interpreted for our stenographers, who will be recording this interview.
Our interpreter is Dina Kuriansky.
We ask that if players speak English and Spanish, if they can to please react in both languages for appropriate sound bytes.
I will introduce the Team Dominican Republic, Manny Acta. Before we open the floor to questions, we would like Manager Acta to provide a brief summary and their opinion about the game.
MANNY ACTA: I think I give all the credit to their pitching. Obviously they did their job today, Javy, Santiago, Romero, Calero, got to give them all the credit. They held this offense to only one run. Obviously we knew we weren't going to win 1-0 after the 4th. Just all the credit.
I looked at the scoreboard at the end of the game and I watched the whole ballgame and they just flat out outplayed us tonight. They out-hit us, played better defense, and they out-pitched us, too.
JUAN BRITO: They played a better game. They put the ball in play when they needed to. Javy and Cabrera, they came in and kept the ball down, breaking ball away from everybody. I think that's the big thing for them.
MIGUEL TEJADA: I just want to give credit to the whole Puerto Rico team because they all do a good thing together, and I think that's why they win. The hitting, when they throw the ball to second, those little things, that's why they win. The managers, they never sleep. Nobody there, they never sleep. We never sleep neither, but they played better ball than us and that's why they won.
Q. How tough is it going to be for you guys to come back tomorrow early? You just had the flight here, play, get up early tomorrow and play the afternoon game tomorrow. How tough is that going to be?
MIGUEL TEJADA: I'll speak because I'm one of the players. We're already doing Orlando. We already played a 1:00 o'clock game in Orlando and after tonight we're going to play. It doesn't matter what time we finish the game today, tomorrow we're going to be ready to play in the game.
Q. (Question for Manny Acta)?
MANNY ACTA: We've just got to get out there and play. We're anxious to face Cuba. We've never seen them before in this type of competition. Before when we played them we didn't have this type of caliber players, so we're anxious to see them. They throw a lot of breaking balls and they try to play full baseball, and we're ready for them. We're ready for them. Nobody said it was going to be easy.
The first game obviously is the most important one. We talked to the guys about it in the first round, too, because once you win the first game obviously you're a little bit more relaxed because you can lose one game and still advance to the next round. Obviously when you lose the first one, then you have to play perfect baseball, basically win the two games and then advance to the next round.
You asked about the rivalry. I'm not a fan, neither are these guys over here. We don't care; those are fans' things. We try to beat whoever we play over there, whether it's Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Guam, China, whoever. It was just a great week for them. They outplayed us.
Q. (Question for Manny Acta).
MANNY ACTA: The plan tomorrow is I'm going to play Polanco at second base. We basically think that a lot of our players kind of are the same caliber type, established, big league players, and he's going to play second base tomorrow, but he had nothing to do with what is going on here. Miguel is going to play shortstop tomorrow again. What we've seen of Cuba is they're very aggressive. They swing the bat early, they're always hacking, and they throw a lot of breaking pitches. They're not afraid to play, not even thinking about those cold numbers, about bunting and stuff. They do bunting and get guys over and stuff like that.
We don't have any specific plan. Our plan is to hold them down and our offense to wake up tomorrow and catch a ball and win the ballgame.

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