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September 22, 2005

Stewart Cink

Jim Furyk

Justin Leonard

Davis Love III

Phil Mickelson

Kenny Perry

David Toms

Tiger Woods


Q. The second shot on 18, where would you rank that on your list of real good shots?

FRED FUNK: It was pretty good. There's not much room to work with. I just didn't want to leave Jimmy something impossible, but it's tough to leave it up there somewhere, where the ball is not going to hold and coming out of the rough and coming downwind and everything, but it worked out good. Jimmy made an unbelievable putt. I thought he was going to make it.

Q. It looked like early in the round

JIM FURYK: A little bit, Tom LaFountain from Maxiotherapy Associates came out. I've been working on it all week, having some massage. Hopefully it will hold up.

PHIL MICKELSON: It was a tough match. Nick O'Hern and Tim Clark played some great golf. Chris and I thought were playing very well, we hit two bad shots on the back side that cost us a couple of holes. But we were able to get them back here coming down the stretch. And what a shot my man hit here on 16. It was really fun playing with Chris.

Q. You just took a deep breath

CHRIS DiMARCO: I think that's the first breath all day. I think having him as a partner calms you down a lot. We really gelled good together today and he's a good competitor and I am, too. We both made some key putts and just helped each other out.

Q. Talk about today, you guys just couldn't really get anything going.

DAVID TOMS: They birdied four of the first five holes and then we were 3 down at that point. Then we just couldn't get anything going, we either hit it in the rough or hit a bad iron shot. You know, we made plenty of pars. I think we only were on one hole today, the ninth hole today where we had a bad score. Other than that, we didn't put any pressure. We didn't play good enough to put any pressure on them to turn the tide. We never won a hole and they kept the pressure on us by playing consistent the whole time. When you're playing against a team that you're 6 under in alternate shot, even our best team, our guys that were playing our best on our team would have had a hard time keeping up with that.

But it's just one match. We've got to keep our heads up. Certainly can't get down. It's a tough format anyway. It's hard to get in a rhythm. You don't really know how each other is playing because you're not playing all the shots. So you get in a rut of missing a few putts or missing a few fairways and it's compounded.

It will be okay, hopefully do better tomorrow.

Q. Talk a little about your health.

DAVID TOMS: I played good out there. You know, when you only go 12 or 13 holes, it's hard to make a run.

Q. You and David were up against a force today it seemed like.

STEWART CINK: Yeah, that's what it seemed like to us, to too. On that first hole when they hit two beautiful shots, and Mike Weir holed a long well, it wasn't a long putt, it was a 12 footer but it was a good first hole opening putt and knocked it in and they never looked back. I think they were 6 under par through the 12th or 13th holes we played and it was we didn't have a whole lot going for us, either. We didn't make any birdies except for one 2 putt. It was really, to lose 6 & 5, it takes a little bit of both. We didn't play as good as we could and they played exceptionally well.

Q. Not the best day for the U.S., can you talk a little bit about what happened out there?

JUSTIN LEONARD: We didn't get off to a great start. But we got into a real nice rhythm after four or five holes, and you know, we just hit a lot of fairways and hit a lot of greens and made a few putts. You know, never gave them much of a chance to catch up.

Q. Just talk about your round today, a close one.

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, it was back and forth. You know, I hit a few bad shots and the second nine, we could have come back and won it. They made a few more putts than us, and we all hit bad shots and they just made a few more putts.

Q. Talk about 17, Kenny made a big putt there and I guess they matched it to win that one.

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, they made a putt and we were hoping after 16 just to get a half. But Kenny made a great putt and it was exciting for a few minutes and they come back and make another one. They made one on 15 and one on 13, kept making 15 and 20 footers when they needed it. We didn't play great but we probably should have beat them.

KENNY PERRY: It was just a good, hard fought match. We were 1 up and then we went 2 down and then we tied the match. And we never really got back we never really got up again after the eighth hole. Michael Campbell hit it beautiful. They just seemed to make the putts. We never could make that putt to really get any momentum, you know. We were just hanging on, hanging on, hanging on and finally just ran out of holes.

It was a good match. Could have gone either way. They made some mistakes. Cabrera made a 15 footer on 14 and then about a 20 footer on 16 that just killed us and both of them were for pars.

Q. And then 17, you make a big putt.

KENNY PERRY: And Campbell tops me. It was a good match. I enjoyed it. It was fun. We played well and it was very competitive. I just wish we could have come out on top.

TIGER WOODS: Well, we just didn't get the holes we needed early. That chip there on 4, and on 5 I had a putt to make it, get the momentum back, and then we lost on 4, and I didn't make it. That sort hurt our chances right there.

Q. You and Freddie were looking forward to this match?

TIGER WOODS: Even though we lost we had so much fun out there. I've always had a lot of fun playing with Freddy. Even though we didn't play our best, we had a great time and hopefully tomorrow we can get the job done and get some points on the board.

End of FastScripts.

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