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December 14, 2002

Dinesh Chand

Vijay Singh


RODDY WILLIAMS: Thank you very much for coming in. Very well played once again, and an important birdie an the last to keep you right in touch with the Japanese team.

DINESH CHAND: I was hitting everything over the green, except the last hole. At least I can help with a putt on the last hole, and I did, so am pleased.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Vijay, going out as leaders, you must be pleased to be right in touch there going into the last day.

VIJAY SINGH: It's a difficult format if you're both not playing well. Dinesh played well today. He just hit a lot of balls over the green. I told him not to change the balls. (Laughing.) We're still striking the ball well and we are only one off the lead. With the format tomorrow, which is a difficult one, and if you play like yesterday, just get the ball in play and make some putts tomorrow, we'll have a good chance.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Obviously, you played fantastic today. Does that give you confidence going into tomorrow's final round?

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, and I played well today, as well. I played the back nine well, but I didn't play the front nine as good. I'm hitting the ball well and looking forward to it. Any time you have a chance to win, you're excited. So we're both excited about tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible.)

VIJAY SINGH: It really depends. Tomorrow is a very difficult format, but surprisingly everybody played well in the format. We played really good. Our past experience, we've played well in that kind of a format. Anything is possible tomorrow, and even guys way back, five or six shots, can come up and win. So we just have to play our own game and not worry about the rest.

Q. The teams that are leading have experience playing in similar situations.

VIJAY SINGH: Well, I don't know, the U.S. has played in this kind of format, but the Japanese have played in the Presidents Cup together and Dinesh and myself played last year together.

Like I said, it's a difficult format, and it depends on how the teams play. They both have to play decently well to maintain a good score.

Q. You've played in the World Cup together before?

VIJAY SINGH: Yes, we played last year together for the first time. What did we finish last year?


RODDY WILLIAMS: You were saying yesterday that it means a great deal to you representing Fiji and playing well. What would it mean to yourselves and to Fiji if you were to go on and win?

DINESH CHAND: I think it's big for golf back home. People, I'm sure they are watching the TV, we were leading yesterday. It's going to be good for our country. Vijay is No. 1, and I think I am No. 2, so they are we are looking for a good week.

VIJAY SINGH: It will be great. I think -- I don't know if individually we can do anything for our country, but together as a team and playing for Fiji for the first time in contention, I think it will be a big thing. It's a big rugby place in Fiji, so winning the World Cup, it means a lot for everybody. I don't think they understand individual games in Fiji as much as a team event, so I think it will be big. I just hope that we pull through tomorrow.

Q. You seem to enjoy each other's company. Is that growing as you get along?

DINESH CHAND: Vijay keeps me smiling every time. He hits all of the good shots. We talk while we are working and he keeps my attention, and I don't get upset, and I don't want to make Vijay upset. (Laughter.) He's a dangerous guy. It's good, he keeps me focusing on my game. If I miss a shot, like on the last hole I hit a drive and he told me, don't worry, just hit it on the green and it's going to go left. Exactly, I hit it like that and the result was a birdie. So I listen to my boss. (Laughter.)

Q. Last year you said you learned a lot playing, even in the practice round?

DINESH CHAND: Well, I still learn, I see how Vijay focused before he hits his shot, how he thinks. He helped me putting a little bit this week, and I learned how he reads puts. I was doing something different, so it's a big advantage for me.

I play on the Japanese tour and I know Maruyama and Izawa. I can speak Japanese tomorrow, but Vijay has to speak English.

VIJAY SINGH: I'd better speak English.

DINESH CHAND: I think I will be relaxed playing with the Japanese team because I know them very well. I've been there ten years, so it's going to be fun.

Q. How do you feel playing in Mexico, anything special you can tell us?

VIJAY SINGH: The crowd was great. They were all cheering for us. It was exciting, I think they thought they were in a futbol match. It's good fun. I think the people are very friendly, very hospitable, and we are enjoying ourselves.

Q. Anything special?

VIJAY SINGH: It's nice. Any time I play in Asia, I play in a foreign country, I've been treated very well and here is no exception. I think it's been really good.

Q. You are one stroke behind the Japanese team and they are dangerous, but what about the Americans?

VIJAY SINGH: I am sure they are going to play well. They are a very strong pair and so is the Japanese team. I can only speak for Dinesh and myself. We just have to go out there and focus on our game and try to shoot a good number. I think toward the ends, maybe the last six or seven holes, we'll just see how the rest of the teams are doing. So we have to start focusing on our game and play the best we can.

Q. Do you watch the scoreboards?

VIJAY SINGH: Occasionally, yes. I mean, toward the end I do. I think I started watching it from the 14th hole and seeing how the people were doing.

End of FastScripts....

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