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INFINITI PRO SERIES: dreamerscandles.com 100

October 11, 2003

Thiago Medeiros


MODERATOR: Okay. At this time I would like to introduce the winner of the Menards Infiniti Pro Series at Texas Motor Speedway, the driver of the number 36 car, Thiago Medeiros. Thiago, your first victory, congratulations. Tell us about your ride.

THIAGO MEDEIROS: It was an exciting race. I had a very good car. I didn't want to win the race for myself, but also for the team. I tried to run the best race I could. I had a very good car. I could run high, low, everywhere. And I thought just be patient and wait for the last lap of the race.

MODERATOR: I guess looking at your season it's almost like you came full circle. At the series opener you started on the pole. In the final race of the year you bring the car home in first place.

THIAGO MEDEIROS: I had a great car. I was a little bit disappointed earlier in the year with the car we had. And I tried not to over drive it. And when you have a good car, you just go out there and drive it. And then you go out and look forward to the next week. And this week I had a very good car. So I was very confident. And I was just trying to make the best that I could. And I did.

MODERATOR: Now throughout the year you've been battling at the front race in and race out. But you never quite got a victory. Did you think it was just a matter of time until you were here in the winners circle or did you start to say, "Gee, when is it going to fall in place for me".

THIAGO MEDEIROS: Well you always try to drive good enough to win one of those races. But if you don't have the good luck like those guys had before, you know, I was just trying to find my space and never give up. Just follow my dreams.

MODERATOR: At this time we would like to take questions from our media. Also there are some writers up in the press box as well. So let's start down here.

Q. (Inaudible.)

THIAGO MEDEIROS: I was very confident like I told you. I always like to carry the flag with me and just wait for the right moment to take that flag off my body. And it was very nice for my country. And I had a very hard lifetime, I'm so far away from my parents, and now I've realized my dreams. And I was just trying to give my family some hope. Just working, training every day. Like with the workshop and trying to find something new. And it's hard to say in English now. But I have to explain it to, it's hard to explain myself at this moment.

Q. (Inaudible.)

THIAGO MEDEIROS: I'm not sure what I'm going to do next year. Whether I want to be in this series again. We set up the car very well, but we didn't make so many bad decisions and we didn't have a very good car. And to be in the front and win, one of those weeks, it would have been nice. And that's what I told you before, we didn't have a good car and I was just trying to bring back some points for the championship. And now I have a very good car and so we just went out there and made a little change and it made a big difference and it paid off. And I had a very good time here all week.

MODERATOR: Will there be many calls back home tonight? Many phone calls back home tonight?

THIAGO MEDEIROS: Sure. My mother just called me a little while ago. My father is there. And for sure she is very proud. She's very proud. And she's very happy. And as I said, I'm very happy.

MODERATOR: Do we have any more questions for Thiago? Congratulations on an outstanding win.

THIAGO MEDEIROS: Thank you, everybody. I hope to be here again next year. And I made so many friends here and hopefully things will go better next year.

MODERATOR: We hope to see you. Thank you.

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