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September 23, 1995

Jonas Bjorkman

Stefan Edberg

Carl-Axe Hageskog


Q. Considering what happened last year do you feel now that you have the Americans right where you want them considering what happened last year?

CAPTAIN HAGESKOG: It would have been better with 3-0, but we are going home to watch television and watch another doubles watches, we see once more and then it is 2-2. But it is good that the match is alive and we are going to try hard tomorrow.

Q. Stefan, are you glad that you at least had this opportunity considering you didn't play singles; did this make it all kind of worthwhile?

STEFAN EDBERG: Yeah, I think both of us played pretty a good match today. I was happy to be on the court there and to play well. That helps a lot too, so we played with a team that we thought was the best for the week, so I feel good about myself.

Q. Stefan, how is your cold? Might you be able to play tomorrow?

STEFAN EDBERG: I think it is possible. The cold is much better. For me to have played yesterday would have been very difficult, but, you know, it is always easier when you play the match. But I am not sure how long I will last out there. Playing doubles is a different thing, it is not as tiring as playing singles.

Q. Should Enqvist beat Agassi tomorrow, will there be a possible switch in match play, you, instead of Wilander?

STEFAN EDBERG: Legally, I don't think we can switch for tomorrow unless somebody gets injured, but Enqvist chances about beating Agassi, I think he has a fair chance if he gets to play his best tennis, he has a chance. We have Mats playing against Sampras; that is obviously a tougher match on paper, but once you are in the fifth match, may the best man win.

Q. How did you approach the match knowing what you know about the American team; relatively new team, did you feel -- did it show on court that they weren't an experienced doubles team accustomed to playing together?

STEFAN EDBERG: We both played Todd and Jonath with different partners. We knew just about how they were playing today. I don't think they played much together before. And we knew from last match that Jonathan Stark sometimes can miss a few easy shots and I think he was the weaker of the two today and that is the way it is. I think we played well today, but they were just a little bit off maybe because we were playing well. We know that they are both serving well; maybe they are not moving as well as we are around the court and that is an advantage to us.

Q. When you play a team of extraordinary height like they have, is there any difference in strategy?

STEFAN EDBERG: I think both of them they are tall. They are big boys. They both got big serves and it is very good when the ball is at hip height. It is different when the ball is coming low to them and they are jumping for smashes, it a little bit different. If you can get them to move around the court, we have an advantage, but once they start hitting the ball and you give them time, they hit it so hard and it makes it very difficult.

Q. Stefan, how does the American's crowd response to the American team compare with how Sweden responds to you when you are playing at home?

STEFAN EDBERG: Americans have always been very supportive especially once things going very well, but a little bit quiet -- they never really got loud today, but once they go ahead they can be very, very noisy.

Q. This is to the coach. It looks like Mats Wilander is probably going to be over match tomorrow, but is there anything you can tell him so he might get involved in a long match with Pete Sampras, or if Sampras plays very well, do you think he has any chance at all?

CAPTAIN HAGESKOG: No, if Pete is playing 100%, I think Mats has not big chances, but if there is a fifth match, you know, everything can happen. I know that Mats is very strong in these situations and, yeah...

Q. I don't know that -- can you give some general comments on what it is like to play with Stefan who is an obvious former world No. 1; many Grand Slam titles, what does that bring to a doubles team?

J. BJORKMAN: To play with No. 1?

Q. A man with Stefan's experience and past record and history.

STEFAN EDBERG: Be nice to me now.

J. BJORKMAN: No, I mean, it helps a lot. Of course I don't have to be so worried, I mean, I have to just concentrate on my own game and I know that I am going to get a lot of help from him, so I just keep going. I don't feel any big difference, I think a lot of people is having a lot of experience when you play with these guys, but of course, Stefan has a little bit more.

Q. For the coach again, Enqvist is 2 and 2 against Agassi, but the last two times they have played this year Agassi beat him pretty soundly. Do you think he has enough confidence to go out there and play a long good match with him; especially considering this is Andre's hometown and it is a home crowd?

CAPTAIN HAGESKOG: Yes, I think so. I think Agassi has the pressure on him and Thomas, he has made his first match in Davis Cup, so he can play more relaxed, so I think definitely.

Q. Should Mats wake up tomorrow with terrible pain in his back, what procedure would you have to go through to make Stefan eligible?

CAPTAIN HAGESKOG: We have to call for a doctor and he has to examine Mats and then we have to talk to the referee and they have to decide if Mats can play or not and in that case, I can play with another player, for example, Jonas Bjorkman or Stefan Edberg.

Q. Jonas, are you ready for singles tomorrow?

J. BJORKMAN: Yeah, I think so. If I get the chance I probably will try my best.

Q. Is the rule only in injury or can you wake up with a 104 degree temperature and be sick, what happens if you are sick?


J. BJORKMAN: You are getting nervous whether we are going to change?

CAPTAIN HAGESKOG: If the doctor decides that it is dangerous if you play, then he can decide it is wiser to let another player play.

Q. Talking about the difference playing with Stefan, what is the difference playing with him as compared with playing with your regular partner?

J. BJORKMAN: Stefan is a righthanded and Jan is lefthanded.

Q. That is the only thing?

J. BJORKMAN: Of course we play a little different because normally we are playing with Jan, we talk more between the points, but that is like, you know, we started like that and we always been doing that and now you know, we don't have to talk so much, you know, Stefan have so much experience, you know, we push -- try to push it as hard as we can a few times and that is maybe the difference.

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