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January 18, 2005

Chris Guccione



Q. Tough first-up opponent for you. How do you think you handled him?

CHRIS GUCCIONE: I was pretty happy with the way I placed. Obviously, disappointing to lose. I thought I played really well and he was just a little too good today.

Q. The sort of bloke that keeps getting everything back, makes you play an extra shot.

CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah, he's really quick. I thought I played real well. Came in, volleyed well. He was too quick to get to the ball, hit some great passes in the end.

Q. What was a game plan against a bloke who is very quick and places the ball very well?

CHRIS GUCCIONE: Obviously, not to get into too many rallies with him. I was going for my shots out there. That's going to be my game. It's just I'm not going to hang out there just to keep the ball in against those type of guys. I've got to go for my shots against pretty much everyone.

Q. Is it hard not to get in the rallies on this surface, though?

CHRIS GUCCIONE: Yeah. It was a little bit on his serve. The court was bouncing pretty high. So it was a little bit tough to get in, which made it easy for him to pass with the ball bouncing so high. But that's going to be my game. That's going to benefit me in the future.

Q. Where do you sit on the whole court debate? Is it too slow?

CHRIS GUCCIONE: That doesn't worry me. I don't mind. It's fair for everyone. I'm happy with it.

Q. Take us through your year last year after here. Where did you get to?

CHRIS GUCCIONE: I went to Europe for a couple months, just playing mostly challengers. I made a semifinal and a couple quarterfinals there. Got my ranking to about 250 or something. Towards the end of the year, I had a few different niggling injuries that sort of stopped me a little bit. I'm healthy now. Get back into it.

Q. What sort of injuries?

CHRIS GUCCIONE: I had an ankle which lasted about a month, and then a sore arm which lasted a few weeks. In the US, I had a bit of a sore back and sore neck. Just small ones, but a little annoying.

Q. So the plan from here will be?

CHRIS GUCCIONE: For this year?

Q. Yes.

CHRIS GUCCIONE: I think the AIS might be having a base sort of in Spain where we can work out of for a couple months, sort of closer to all the tournaments. I'm not exactly sure what I'm playing yet, but I'm sure it will be in Europe somewhere.

Q. The forehand at 6-5 and set point, did it miss by much?

CHRIS GUCCIONE: I felt like I hit it good. I knew it just went long. I hit a great return there. Just missed the forehand. But I went for my shots and I was happy with it.

Q. Do you sort of wonder what might have been had that fallen in?

CHRIS GUCCIONE: You have to, I guess. Would have loved to go into four sets and hopefully five in the end. But didn't happen, so there you go.

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