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September 2, 1998

Laura Granville


Q. First experience out there was great. Talk to me a little bit about today. Do you feel any different going out there?

LAURA GRANVILLE: I felt pretty good, I definitely had, I thought, even more confidence than the first day I played, but I felt good going out there. I think that she was just a tough opponent, so.

Q. Did you know anything about her?

LAURA GRANVILLE: Yeah, I knew she had solid ground strokes and she moved around the court very well, that's basically it.

Q. Did you have any particular game plan?

LAURA GRANVILLE: I think I was focusing on myself more, I wanted to get a higher percentage of first serves. I just wanted to try and move her around, but I found that she was very good on keeping me on the defense and good at moving around, and she never really gave me that many chances to be aggressive, that's all.

Q. Did that surprise you at all?

LAURA GRANVILLE: A little bit, I think that is the difference with Juniors.

Q. Talk a little bit more about that, with the matches you've played, what you've seen the difference is between Juniors and the pro level?

LAURA GRANVILLE: I don't think there are huge differences. It is a lot more mental in the pros. If they have a lead, they wouldn't give it up and they wouldn't choke on break points. It's for money, so they are more determined and focused, that's basically it.

Q. If you have to pick one thing that you learned in the one or two matches here, what would it be?

LAURA GRANVILLE: The experience has just been good seeing at what level they are playing, it is not a hugely different level than the Juniors. And seeing where I stand compared to them, I think it's little things to get to the pro level.

Q. What are a few of those little things?

LAURA GRANVILLE: Just the mental things about not -- just staying mentally focused the whole time. I guess just developing a bigger weapon, I think and just working on all of my strokes basically.

Q. Any disappointments?

LAURA GRANVILLE: No, not really. I am pretty satisfied with this tournament. I think it is nice running around. I think it showed me I'm not at a huger different level than they are.

Q. Are you still thinking of college?

LAURA GRANVILLE: I think so, for a year, I think that would be good.

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