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August 12, 1998

Jerome Golmard


ATP TOUR REP: You've had some big success here.

JEROME GOLMARD: I beat Carlos Moya. First time I play like this. I play -- because it's my first match in the tournament, and against him it's very tough to play on the back of the court. I play -- I served very well today. I served a lot of first serves and I'm very low key in the first set and after I play very, very well.

Q. How often do you play on hard court tournaments? How often do you get a chance to play this type of court, enough to be comfortable?

JEROME GOLMARD: When I arrive last week, it's my first tournament on hard court since Key Biscayne and I don't have a good feeling but I have a chance to play (inaudible) and we play two matches and when I get in the -- I was very confident.

Q. Would you consider this one of your biggest wins?


Q. Against a highest-ranked player? Was it the highest-ranked?

JEROME GOLMARD: Last year it was No. 9 or No. 10.

Q. In general, do you think you're having your strongest year? Do you feel stronger and more confident if you go --

JEROME GOLMARD: Beat the Top 10.

Q. Is this your best year?

JEROME GOLMARD: Yes, my best ranking, best match, best everything.

Q. Have you played either Johansson or Tarango?

JEROME GOLMARD: Two times and one time Johansson. Johansson, it was maybe four years ago and Tarango, I play him in one -- first one and last year two -- I bet two time beat two times.

Q. After you win a match like today, do you start to think you can win several in a row? Are you starting to think that you can go far in this tournament?

JEROME GOLMARD: If I play like today, for sure I can win some more matches.

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