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August 27, 1997

Justin Gimelstob


Q. Have you played much with Woodruff?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: That was the first time we have ever played.

Q. How did it work out? I mean I know that you won, but I mean, how did you play together?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: First set and a half I think it was tough. It takes a little while to get used to the guy and what he is going to do and with where he likes to hit. I think we played a pretty average first set and a half. And then I thought toward the end of the match some really good tennis.

Q. Will you continue playing with him after this tournament?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Well, for me, it is tough. I am trying to make my mark in singles. A lot of times you are just trying to pick up a partner who you get along with and you think you would have good results with. I am not really too interested in trying to settle down and settle into a long doubles relationship at this point. Unless I find someone maybe about my age, at my ranking, where we can move up together. A lot of it depends on scheduling. Schedules are always different; it is tough. I would just like to try to find an American and look to have good results, and maybe one day play for my country.

Q. Now you are playing with Chanda in the mixed tomorrow.

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: We play tomorrow?

Q. Yes.


Q. I think it was the third match on whatever court it was?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Right, yeah. It should be fun. I mean, it is nice to get out in a competitive situation and Chanda and I get along well, it should be fun.

Q. I was reading your comments about having hung out here, growing up around the tennis stadium. Talking to a couple of writers before, you are probably the preeminent Jewish athlete in the world, probably at this point it probably is a heady thing.

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Never really thought about it. It is funny, I was in the locker room today with Brad Gilbert. We were saying, I think I am only the only Jewish player in the main draw this year. That is bizarre.

Q. I guess you are glad that your High Holidays came out late this year?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it is pretty bizarre, but I don't know that I am the premier Jewish athlete in the world at this point. But if it will help me get some Jewish women, then maybe I will use it.

Q. You maybe in demand to be for the UJA this year to help pitch for donations.


Q. Talk about UCLA, are you able to continue your studies while being on the Tour?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Yeah, I have actually started taking some correspondence classes where they send me the work and I hand it in on my schedule. So, it has been working out well. It is not the same as maintaining my education, but it is better than nothing.

Q. What are you studying?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Communications. I try to tell them that I have already got communications down, but they don't listen.

Q. Is there law school in the future down the road here?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Possibly. Law school or business school or something like that, you know, those are my aspirations.

Q. I take it accounting is not pretty much -- C.P.A. going that route?


Q. I am a C.P.A., so I have to ask that.

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: No, that doesn't -- that is not THE field that I would go into at this point, but things change.

Q. Funny with so many big names still ahead, do you get intimidated thinking about some of the big guns still ahead in this?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Not really. There is actually less pressure when you play the big names than when you play some of the other guys. I have had pretty good results against some of the bigger names. It is some of the really good players that aren't as famous and as renowned that I have struggled with. So every match is a struggle and everyone is really a good player so you can't really, you know --

Q. What was the biggest victory you have had in your career where if you meet somebody you can say, hey, I beat this person?

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: I have beaten a lot of good players. I have beaten Kuerten and Philippoussis. I have beaten Agassi. I have beaten Korda. I have beaten -- I have had some good wins.

Q. I know you have got a big match tomorrow so--.

JUSTIN GIMELSTOB: Not really, just mixed. A social match.

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