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August 14, 1995

Renzo Furlan


GREG SHARKO: Renzo has jumped up from 50 to number 36 on the IBM/ATP Tour rankings after last week's quarterfinal in Cincinnati. Is this your first time playing here as well, at Indy?

RENZO FURLAN: Second time. I played last year.

Q. Do you think tonight, was it a kind of a carryover from last week, you played well last week; you just keep still playing well?

RENZO FURLAN: Yes, for now I am keeping on playing very well and I am very happy for what I did last week and for my shape now. I think I am in good shape. I hope also Wednesday.

Q. The heat of the past couple of weeks hasn't really bothered you Cincinnati and here?

RENZO FURLAN: Yes, it was very hot. Cincinnati and here, but I mean, I practice hard before coming in the states and I am very careful for what I am doing here, for what I am drinking, so, I mean, for now it is good. And I don't know what how I am feeling next week, and the week after. I don't know.

Q. A casual tennis fan would probably regard your groundstrokes as being your strength and they were impressive tonight, but you actually went a higher percentage of first serve points than David Wheaton. Has your serve been improving over the last year and if so, what have you been doing to make that improvement?

RENZO FURLAN: I worked very hard on my serve too and -- but what I did tonight is tried to put a lot of first serve because he was coming up at the net, so I have to be careful when I am serving first serve and I did it very well. I served very well and I put a lot of pressure and I did a lot of point, '92% on my first serve, that is good.

Q. Talk about how you tried to play his serve. I know sometimes you had some problems with it.

RENZO FURLAN: When he was serving, I did two points in the first set on his serve, so I didn't return very well. But I did well in tiebreak. That was very important. I mean, 7-6 for me and in the second set, the only game that I returned very well was in 5-4, unfortunately for him, and -- but I didn't return nothing special for whole match because he was serving very good. He was serving very deep and I mean, it is very difficult with somebody who is serving like this.

Q. Did you have the confidence that you could -- especially in that last game you had the three match points, I mean, did you think you could get through --

RENZO FURLAN: I thought I have to be very concentrate to make this game. I can do it. I have to try and I was very concentrate on this.

Q. You are now in the top 40. What what will it take for you to say, crack the top 20 or even the top 10?

RENZO FURLAN: My goal is to be top 30 for the end of the year. And, you know, I am playing a lot of tournaments and practicing very hard. That is my goal. I don't know, after top 30, you are going to think I am going to be top 20 and you can do it, but first I have to go top 30. That is my first goal.

Q. I guess what I was getting at is there any part of your game, parts of your game, that you think still need work to get in to, say, the top 20?

RENZO FURLAN: Yes, a lot. I have to improve my forehand. I have to improve my serve. And my volley also. And I have to work very hard on my return because I mean, it is not so good when my opponent is serving well.

Q. That is all I have.


RENZO FURLAN: Thank you very much.

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