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September 5, 1992

Richard Fromberg


Q. How tough is it going into a match like this where you are playing in the Stadium Court and playing McEnroe, a big crowd favorite? You know, everyone is going to be booing against you?

RICHARD FROMBERG: It is a lot harder to play a guy like that on center court. You know, I knew what it would be like, but it is my first time on center court, and I didn't really play as well as I would have liked, but the first two sets, especially the second set, he was returning really good, and it took me a while to work at-- what to do, beginning of the match. The first set, I started getting into the match, I felt I played a couple of loose points, that cost me that third set.

Q. How do you think his chances will be against Courier?

RICHARD FROMBERG: I think he has got a pretty good chance. He has a good game to play Courier. I think if he returns really well, and gets in like he was, he has got a good chance.

Q. Richard, just on the first comments that you made on television. He suggested that perhaps the occasion had gotten to you and that was the one thing he took advantage of. Could you describe what you felt out there? What it all meant?

RICHARD FROMBERG: I found it just -- a little hard to play on center court. It is my first time on center court, and it is a lot different than any other court. There is a lot more noise and movement behind the court. I was finding it hard to pick up the ball for a while because of the background, but you know, in the third set I felt that I started getting into it, but I just played a couple of loose points that cost me that third set.

Q. So, how is he hitting? How is he playing?

RICHARD FROMBERG: I think he is playing really well. He is returning really well, and his serve went off a little bit in the third set. I had a couple of chances, but you know, a couple of service games that I played, he just played too well. I really need to make a lot of first serves and I need to get in before he got in. That was my only chance.

Q. Players have said that playing McEnroe is unlike playing anybody else; nobody else does what he does. Do you find that also to be true?

RICHARD FROMBERG: Yeah. I actually find that for me, that his serves are really hard return. He has got more variety than anyone else I played against. He hasn't got a lot of power, but it is so hard to tell where he is serving. It took me two sets before I started to hit a few returns in.

Q. If you were to pick, or if you were asked ask to pick a winner between Courier and McEnroe, considering what you just saw of John out there--

RICHARD FROMBERG: I don't know. It is going to be, I think, it is going to be a close match. I think Courier, he is so fit and has got good form. If McEnroe can get on top of him early, he has a good chance. If it goes five sets, I will pick Courier. Inside that, maybe I will pick McEnroe.

Q. Thank you very much.

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