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April 17, 1999

Vjeran Friscic


CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: Well, I don't feel like a loser, although it is 2-0 for United States after the first day. We have a good feeling. The first match was really wonderful, and what you can say about a match that ends with 10-8 in the third set? 5-All in the first set, in the tiebreaker of the first set. It was really great match and it is just proof that Fed Cup, like Davis Cup has future, that such a match, such atmosphere that we have here is something that you can have on gland slams and some of the other big tournaments and Fed Cup and Davis Cup. I am happy for Iva, that I can say she's back. She's back. That was the kind of play that reminds me how players of top 10 caliber are playing. And I'm happy, as I said, for her. She has played very tough match mentally and physically and it's very good when you can play 10-8 in the third set in pretty warm weather, and she has to just work more on some details, more -- maybe more pressure on her serve, doing more pressure with her serve and just playing, after she would play ten or more matches like that she will be very good. Silvija, we were preparing the whole week for this match, that we played against Seles. We tried to make long points. We tried to finish first set with a score maybe 6-4 or 7-5 for somebody. We wanted that Silvija is playing long points. But she told me during the match it's very hard against Monica, because she doesn't give you even to think. And so it is very difficult to play against her. But Silvija, as usual, she did her best. She worked -- she really fought for every point, but Monica is so good player that even if you give your hundred percent you can lose -- you can maybe get four games. But I'm sure that Silvija will say I did my best, and that's now worth so much at the moment. Tomorrow it will be -- it will be much more valuable.

SILVIJA TALAJA: For me, I think this is a very big experience to play with such a great player like Monica. Like Coach said, I give my best, I tried to run, each point, fight from the beginning, it was really hard, because she's really an aggressive player, and I just tried to give my best. I think I did good. And Iva, I'm really sorry for that match, because she played so good today, and I hope tomorrow is going to be much better.

Q. Silvija, Monica was talking, and actually Chanda and Iva were, too, about how they'd never played in wind like this before. What was it like?

SILVIJA TALAJA: The second match I think was more windier than the first, it was really bad. And I think Monica used this wind on her side, more than me on important games.

Q. Because she hits the ball so hard?

SILVIJA TALAJA: Because she's really an aggressive player, that's why.

Q. After watching Iva play, how do you plan to go out there tomorrow and play?

SILVIJA TALAJA: Just like today, try to give my best, I think that's more important, just like her, like she did.

Q. Coach, just one note of clarification about Lucic, have you talked to her or had any contact with her concerning playing Fed Cup or has she said she's not?

CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: Well, I was at Australian Open, one of the reasons was to talk to her about the Fed Cup this year, and I had just a few occasions, short ones, and we were talking just she told me I will think about it, I will consult my manager and like that. And I went home after the U.S. Open without any -- actually without any answer. Then I send an official invitation for that, and then we go to Croatian Tennis Federation, got an answer, from -- that was her manager signed it, and she said I will not be able to play in 1999 for Croatia. So -- and then -- so that was it. Then when we knew that we were playing United States then we thought maybe, okay, she's living in now -- she's been in United States, maybe that's another opportunity to call her once again. Then I give myself more time and I thought, if I invite her once again, if she says no, then it's unpleasant for her and for us. Then second thought was that in this letter she says exactly, I will not play in '99 for Croatia. So she could think she could answer that if we play outside Croatia, I will be available, but she didn't say that. So the conclusion was she doesn't want to play. And the third thing was, and maybe it can be the first one, that she could call us, me, Iva, Silvija, and say I want to be with you, that would be the best, if she did that. And she knew that we were playing here. She didn't do that, and I think it's maybe so as it should be.

Q. Did she give you any sort of reason or indication? Did this have to do with the fact of her father, she really doesn't want anything to do with the Croatian Fed Cup team, the reason for playing.

CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: I didn't hear quite well.

Q. Did she give you any indication as to why she didn't want to play for the team, whether it it had to do with her father or Croatia?

CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: No. Well, I read -- she didn't say, I read in the newspapers just that some people from the press, from Croatia, they got some information that it's not time, but later we have now in Bol, in ten days we have WTA tournament, and tournament director has said after talking with her in Key Biscayne, that she will play there. She defends this tournament. She collected most of her points there last year, right? But later she said, no, I'm not coming there. So we'll see. The tournament director is keeping one wild card for her. We'll see next few days what's going to happen. I personally don't think she will play there. This is just few miles away from her house.

Q. Where her father is still living?

CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: Well, her father is -- I saw him last time in the tournament in Zagreb, maybe a month ago. This is the first time I saw him after many -- after a few months. He was watching the tournament and he started to be with people.

Q. Does the Federation pay the players to play Fed Cup? Are they paid some money to play Fed Cup?

CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: We get some money from ITF, and that's the amount of money that we are -- that we are dividing. But we will not get rich from that.

Q. Coach, if the United States wins one match tomorrow and goes onto win, will Rubin's victory be the key in the fact the U.S. won the team result today? Will that be the key?

CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: You said if United States --

Q. -- Wins one tomorrow to win, will Rubin's victory be the key to the fact that the U.S. did win. Rubin's victory today, is that going to be the key that U.S. is likely to win this now?

CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: Definitely yes, I think so.

Q. Are you surprised that she was able to win today?


Q. Yes.

CAPTAIN VJERAN FRISCIC: No. It was a really tough match, and it was 50/50, from the beginning.

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