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September 5, 1995

Amy Frazier


Q. You are out there on stadium court and Steffi Graf. What is that experience like?

AMY FRAZIER: It is exciting. Steffi is such a great champion and to get to play her at the U.S. Open, that is very exciting. I just tried to stay in each point, but I mean, she is so good, I mean, I had to do so much just to win a point.

Q. Is it clear that it is just a whole different game when you are playing someone who is that good that the mistakes almost cannot be made?

AMY FRAZIER: You know, well, Steffi plays every point so tough. If I make a few loose errors, I mean, she doesn't give you any easy points, so it is very difficult.

Q. Were you happy with your performance here these eight, nine days?

AMY FRAZIER: Yes. I felt like I have played well all week and I am happy with the way I am playing and I feel like I am improving and I feel good about it.

Q. Amy, what was your strategy coming into the match? What was your match plan?

AMY FRAZIER: I knew I had to hit a lot of first serves in because she attacks even my first serve. So, my second serve is a little dangerous, and then hit the ball really deep because anything short she is going to attack and just try to be aggressive, but she doesn't give you much of an opportunity to let you do that. So...

Q. Is it at all a learning experience?

AMY FRAZIER: Oh, definitely. Yeah. I mean, I have played her a couple of times before and, you know, I think, you know, each time I learn something and if I can come out of a loss and learn something and hopefully improve, then that is all I can ask for.

Q. Did you learn something tonight?

AMY FRAZIER: Oh, yeah.

Q. Secrets?

AMY FRAZIER: Well, I mean, I need time to think about it and go back to practice and work on things. I think maybe I went for some shots a little too early in the point feeling that I had to hit a really good shot early. Maybe I needed to hit one or two more balls, but then the times I did hit one or two more because she hit it for a winner, so we will see.

Q. Have you seen much of Monica since she has returned?

AMY FRAZIER: I have seen -- it has been on TV, yeah.

Q. What do you think? Do you think she has got a good shot at Steffi?

AMY FRAZIER: Well, I mean, there is still a lot of players in the tournament and I think everyone is so good that anything can happen. I think anyone left has a great shot. Obviously, Steffi is playing great. Monica is playing great. But everyone is playing really well. So we will see what happens.

Q. What makes Steffi so good; what about her game, especially?

AMY FRAZIER: I mean, she is great at everything. I mean, she has got a big serve, huge forehand, her backhand is -- it is -- the slice, it is so deep and hard. She moves -- she moves unbelievable. There is nothing about her game that isn't great. So...

Q. You got a nice bit of applause when you walked off the court. I am sure you recognized that.

AMY FRAZIER: Thanks. Do you want me to answer the question?

Q. What was your reaction to it?

AMY FRAZIER: It is real exciting being an American and getting to play on stadium at the U.S. Open. I mean, that is something special, and I appreciate that.

Q. If you had to give Steffi's next opponent Gabriela Sabatini advice, what would that advice be?

AMY FRAZIER: I think they have played each other so much I am not one to give anybody advice. I am sure it will be a great match and it will be great tennis.

Q. You said that everything that Steffi does is great. Is there anybody else that you can say that about? Can you say that about Monica? Is there anybody else?

AMY FRAZIER: Well, I think all the top players. I mean, I think that is why they are the top five or the top ten. They are so strong all-around and I think that is why they are where they are. I think everyone at the top, they don't really have any weaknesss; that is why they are where they are.

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