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November 15, 2000

Amy Frazier


Q. It looked like in the beginning -- (inaudible).

AMY FRAZIER: It felt good at the start. I think those first few serves, maybe she didn't serve as well, but then she served so well. I don't think I got many looks, second serves; and when she did hit second serves, they were great serves. So there was a lot of pressure on me to tried to hold, which my serve is a little weak. So hopefully, I like to break a little usually, but I couldn't do it today.

Q. Because she is so aggressive, does it force you to go for more, like go for the lines a little more?

AMY FRAZIER: Yeah, I mean -- definitely. She was forcing me from the baseline. I knew if I hit it short, she was going to come in, and when she gets to the net, she's so solid. So definitely, I think maybe I was pressing a little too much from the baseline. But she was forcing me to do that. I didn't really have a choice.

Q. What's next for you?

AMY FRAZIER: Rest. And then Australia.

Q. What do you do in your time off?

AMY FRAZIER: I'm looking forward to just being home. It's a long year, and just being at home sounds great.

Q. Since you haven't faced her at all this year, did that have anything to do with it?

AMY FRAZIER: We've played each other so many times over the years, I think I knew her game and she knew mine. It was -- she just played too well today.

Q. You seemed to break her early in the match, and then she started holding her own serve. Is there a reason you were able to get to her so early?

AMY FRAZIER: Well, she gave me a few free points in those games think. I she doublefaulted a time or two, so that helped. She stopped that. So I just wasn't getting looks after those first couple of games.

Q. How much longer do you see yourself playing?

AMY FRAZIER: I don't really plan too far ahead. I'm having so much fun with competing, and as long as I'm having fun, I'm going to play. And as soon as it is not fun any more, I'll stop. But I try not to look too far in the future and just enjoy today.

Q. Did you read all about the stuff Richard Williams is saying, his daughters should get appearance money, share TV revenue? What is your thoughts on that?

AMY FRAZIER: You know, I'm not sure I have too many thoughts. I think, you know -- I think we are all a part of the Sanex WTA Tour, and hopefully, we can all do what is best for Sanex.

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