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April 26, 2002

Evelyn Fauth


ANDRE CHRISTOPHER: If you'd like to start with questions, here's the Austrian Fed Cup team.

Q. For the captain, can you talk about the matchups tomorrow and what you think your chances are.

CAPTAIN ALFRED TESAR: I think the draw is good for us because our No. 1 is starting with the matches, and we still try our best.

Q. Why did you choose Evelyn to play other than Marion, singles? Why did you choose Evelyn to play singles rather than one of the other players?

CAPTAIN ALFRED TESAR: Marion has retired from tennis tournaments last year, but she's a very experienced player. And I need her for - maybe for doubles.

Q. Barbara, can you talk about your match tomorrow.

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: Well, I think it will be a good match. I am happy to play against Monica. I played her in '98 in Roland Garros and I lost, so I'll try to win tomorrow.

Q. Where is your level right now compared to, say, 1999?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: It's tough to say because I was injured for a long time, and I still need more matches. But I hope I have two good matches here. And, yeah, we'll see. It's tough to say. I need more matches.

Q. And your elbow is 100%?


Q. Is your confidence where it was, say, at Roland Garros '99 when you had your big wins?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: Almost (smiling).

Q. Almost. What percent would you say?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: I would say 90%.

Q. Do you like your chances on clay against Monica better than on any other surface?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: I think it's the same on any surface. And, well, we practiced here the whole week. I think we are well-prepared, the whole team is well-prepared. I like to play team competition. So, yeah, let's see tomorrow.

Q. Do you consider the team to be big underdogs, or do you think you have a decent chance to win?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: Well, I mean, we are the underdogs, that's for sure. But we came here to try to win, and we will do our best. And, yeah, I think we have a chance.

Q. Evelyn, what about playing Jennifer? She's the Roland Garros defending champion.

EVELYN FAUTH: I know (laughing). Well, it's going to be pretty exciting, to be honest. I'm really looking forward to play against her. It's a great chance to play against somebody who is like the No. 1 in the world. So I really just go out there and try and enjoy myself and try and give her a hard time out there.

Q. How do you avoid having big nerves going up against someone like her?

EVELYN FAUTH: Well, I can answer tomorrow. So I don't know. I mean, just go out there and try to focus on my game. And then , well, then we'll see.

Q. Do you consider this as a big step up for you at the level of competition you've been playing this year, going from the challengers all the way to Capriati?

EVELYN FAUTH: Well, it's a big step, yeah, definitely. Last year at the US Open I was pretty close to play against her, like I lost in the second round 4 in the third. Then I was going to play Capriati. So I didn't last year, so now I got the chance to play her here. So I think this is great for me.

Q. Are any of you upset that Schett decided not to play this tie, or do you understand her reasons?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: Who are you asking?

Q. Any of you.

CAPTAIN ALFRED TESAR: I think the tournament schedule from Barbara Schett does not allow to play Fed Cup because she play next week in Hamburg and Berlin. And I'm not happy about this, but we have to accept it.

Q. Barbara, do you want to say something, too?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: No. It's fine. The Captain said everything (smiling).

Q. Do all of you consider making Fed Cup a priority over tournaments? Is it more important to you than a regular tournament would be, other than the Grand Slams?

BARBARA SCHWARTZ: I think it's a great honor to play for Austria. I think I can speak for everyone on the team. We are just happy to be here, and we'll try to win.

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