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March 13, 2000

Nicolas Escude


GREG SHARKO: Questions for Nicolas.

Q. I didn't unfortunately see much of the match. Looked like it was pretty close. What made the difference?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: Yeah, pretty close. I get a break -- I made the break in the first game of the match. I keep this break till 4-2, I think, something like that. After Cedric played better. It was very difficult for me to keep my serve. At the end of the first set, and the second set, he make a lot of mistake. It was much better for me.

Q. You have a pretty good record against him.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: 2-1, I think.

Q. I thought you played more times than that.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I don't know exactly. I think 2-1 or 3-1 maybe, but I don't know exactly.

Q. Is playing him different?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: It's very hard to play against French player because I know very well Cedric. We're practicing sometimes together. We live in the same city. It's very difficult to play against Cedric or Grosjean or another French player, but that's life.

Q. How would you say your year so far is going?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: What do you mean?

Q. In '98 you started off with that really great performance at the Australian Open.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I make a really good start in 2000, this year. After Australian Open, I just play Rotterdam. I play very well, but I lost against Kafelnikov. I stop during three or four weeks because my son is born just last week. That's why I stop during the three weeks.

Q. What's his name?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: Leopold. That's why I didn't play. I really enjoy this one today because I just start to practicing at the beginning of the week.

Q. A little bit harder to leave home now.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: He was born Friday, last Friday. I leave Sunday.

Q. How many tournaments will you play?

NICOLAS ESCUDE: I'm going to play Indian Wells, Key Biscayne, one week off, Estoril, Monte-Carlo, Barcelona. Do you want the whole year?

Q. I don't need the whole schedule. I wondered when you get to go home and see him.

NICOLAS ESCUDE: After Key Biscayne, I go home.

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