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August 18, 2005

Marc Cayeux


Q. Take it from the beginning. How nervous were you?

MARC CAYEUX: Very nervous. He's a great person but he makes you feel at ease, which is nice.

Q. How's your hand?

MARC CAYEUX: It's pretty sore. I've been on painkillers all day.

Q. You wore like a catcher's glove?

MARC CAYEUX: Well, I wore it was a baseball inside of a baseball mitt, I think.

Q. A batting glove?

MARC CAYEUX: Well, I tried the batting glove, but it wasn't as thick as the catcher's mitt.

Q. Where did you get it, a sporting goods store or something?

MARC CAYEUX: It's Dick's or something. We just tried to find something.

Q. When did you get it, yesterday?

MARC CAYEUX: I had been looking Monday and Tuesday and found that one yesterday.

Q. How much pain were you in?

MARC CAYEUX: There was a bit of pain, but I think the painkillers helped a lot. I mean, I kept it strapped up and that glove did help a lot. If I didn't have that glove, I don't think I would have made it through today.

Q. When you went out there morning, what did you think?

MARC CAYEUX: I wanted to play a full 18. I wanted to play until it started bleeding, and it didn't. I mean, it is pretty bad underneath. I've got some skin covering it, but I need to take that off so underneath it can dry.

Q. Are you surprised that you made it all the way through or more surprised that you shot 71?

MARC CAYEUX: Well, I'm glad. I mean, it's just a good experience today. I mean, even if I had played badly, I would have enjoyed it, just the whole atmosphere is different.

Q. What's going through your head standing on the first day when Tiger cracks one out there about 360?

MARC CAYEUX: It's just amazing how he hits the ball. It's an eye opener. The thing is not to try and imitate it or copy it. I mean, it's your game and his game and they're different. He plays the game, and it's just unbelievable, his skill.

Q. Did you have a rooting gallery out there? Were any fans out there pulling for you?

MARC CAYEUX: I doubt it. They were all for Tiger. There was a few guys cheering me on, but Tiger still has the most, and you can see why, he's No. 1.

Q. You didn't bring in your own rooting team?

MARC CAYEUX: Well, my main fan would be, he's caddying with me, Johnny.

Q. You played well, all things considered.

MARC CAYEUX: Oh, yeah. I mean, if you had said to me you can have this score starting the day, I would have taken it. I mean, I struggled the first few holes, a lot of one putts for pars, saves, and I think that's the best I could have shot today.

End of FastScripts.

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