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September 3, 1994

Mana Enco


Q. Despite her great hitting ability, she is not the fastest player on the Tour. Is she able to exploit her lack of foot speed, Davenport's lack of foot speed?

MANA ENDO: I think I am fast; no? So I think I am fast; no?

Q. We are talking about Lindsay.

MANA ENDO: Oh, Lindsay. She said me.

Q. You need a new translator.


Q. We know you are fast.

MANA ENDO: Could you repeat your question?

Q. Skip it. Were you surprised that she just kept hitting the ball harder, harder, harder all the time and never tried anything different until the very end?

MANA ENDO: I played against her a couple of times, so I know her style very well and-- but she is now in top 10, so I think she can do it many, many things, but I think today she is a little bit nervous, but I tried to hit her body or angle shot. I want to make her move, so maybe that is why.

Q. You are speaking English well. When you went up a break in the second set and then she broke back, what were you thinking to stick it out and win the set?

MANA ENDO: I play such a tough game many times. I played such a tough game many times and I have experience such a close matches, so I just think about just watch the ball, don't think about my opponent is seeded player, she is top 10, she is Lindsay Davenport. I try to forget, so I just keep focus on the ball.

Q. Lindsay said she was having trouble with the wind. Were you having much trouble?

MANA ENDO: Yes. It goes 5-4, my serve, I against, so-- and she is much taller than me, so I think -- I think she has few better than me because she is more--

Q. Strong?

MANA ENDO: Yeah, so I have trouble.

Q. Have you been inspired by Kimiko Date reaching the top 10? Has that helped you?

MANA ENDO: Yeah, because we are good friends and we practice together sometime and yeah, many Japanese players like that and lots of Japanese Sawamatsu, she is in top 30 and so I try to get in top 30 so that is good aim. I can trust Japanese can do it like another European or American; we can do it.

Q. How did you begin playing tennis and how old were you?

MANA ENDO: I was seven years old and my father and my brothers, they are playing tennis. That is why.

Q. What did you expect to do coming in knowing the crowd was going to be for Lindsay, and did you feel like you won some of them over by the end?

MANA ENDO: Even I am Japanese, so spectators, if I hit good shot, they are applauding. So -- and many, many Japanese come to watch my match and they cheer me, so I don't care.

Q. Kimiko yesterday said it helped her a lot because she -- even though she is No. 5, most Americans don't know her, so it helped to have people you know; do you feel the same way?

MANA ENDO: No. I don't feel -- I feel great.

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