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March 22, 1997

Scott Draper


Q. I was wondering if you felt -- did you go in with a pretty good chance in the match?

SCOTT DRAPER: I'm just trying to play the best I can. I suppose -- I know Andre has been struggling for confidence at the moment. A lot of guys have been beating him. Sure, I gave myself a chance to win, but I just wanted to play my game and give it my best.

Q. Didn't seem to be doing too much wrong. When did you start to feel that probably you could possibly win it?

SCOTT DRAPER: Well, not until the last point. Andre is capable of anything. Even though I was up two breaks, at 4-1 I had a long game, a lot of games to get back to break. Anything can happen. I was trying to play each point as it came, not trying to think of the outcome, that I was beating Andre Agassi.

Q. Is this one of the better results you've had, besides the French?

SCOTT DRAPER: Well, this is the best win I've had, I think. I think Andre wanted to win badly here. He needs some confidence. He won this tournament last year, defending a lot of points. I knew he was really going to be fired up to play. I just think he's still struggling for confidence. I think if he had won today, gotten through a couple matches, he's dangerous at any time. But it is my best result, I think.

Q. Thank you.

GREG SHARKO: How does this win compare to Michael Stich last year in LA?

SCOTT DRAPER: Well, Michael played -- it's always great to beat a guy like Michael Stich. He was coming back from injury, so he wasn't playing as well as he would have liked. You know, it's just good to have those wins under your belt and then you can move on.

GREG SHARKO: Looking ahead now, no easy foe in Jim Courier, who is actually a little bit lower seeded this year. How do you look going into playing Courier?

SCOTT DRAPER: I'm just trying to give it my best out there, enjoy myself. Jim certainly is going to be a tough opponent. Is he winning?


SCOTT DRAPER: He's playing Sandon. Basically Jim is certainly -- he's another guy who I think is looking for confidence, ex No. 1 , trying to find what he had before. Everyone wants you. Everyone wants to beat you. I want to beat everyone else. Basically it's going to come down to who is mentally strongest. I think I'm going to enjoy myself, not get too stressed about things.

Q. Have you ever played Jim before?

SCOTT DRAPER: No, I haven't, no.

GREG SHARKO: Thank you.

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