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September 7, 1999

Slava Dosedel


Q. Can you talk about what happened when you made that comeback?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Yeah, I mean even before match, I knew was going to be more a mental match than the game. Yes, I told myself just to keep all the time focused and don't give up any chance, any point, and I think it was -- I just kept fighting and I come back.

Q. Are you surprised to be in the quarterfinals of the US Open?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Of course. (Laughing). It's not -- quarterfinals, is actually my first time. So, yeah, I'm surprised and I'm very happy about it.

Q. Why did you play no tournaments on the hardcourts in the run up to the US Open?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Because I like red clay the most. And if I play too many tournaments on hardcourt, I'm scared that I get injured. And it's very difficult for me because I like tennis more on clay because it's more tactic games. I can do more with the ball and more is tactic. So I like it much more.

Q. Even now?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Even now, yes.

Q. Can you talk -- you probably told this story before, but can you talk about why you had that smiley face on your racquet?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Because I'm always looking to the strings. I put them back to the right position, and I like to be positive. I try to be positive in my life, so if I look in the racquet, it's making me a little bit better mood.

Q. So it's sort of superstitious a little bit?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Kind of yeah, also.

Q. You play a very attacking game. Even on clay, you serve-and-volley a lot. Sort of goes against the accepted wisdom on clay that you stay at the back, and on fast courts you go forward. Is there a reason why you serve-and-volley so much, even on slow surfaces?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: I used to be much more defensive player. I used to play from the back, trying to get longer rallies. But when the years go, I try to make the point a little faster so I don't give up so many, so much energy. And also, I was working last four years with Coach Petr Hutka who told me to be more aggressive and to do more points on the net and try to win the points myself.

Q. A lot of the top seeds have either pulled out with injuries or been upset. When that happens do you think, "This is my chance?"

SLAVA DOSEDEL: That's why I don't play too much on hardcourt. Injuries comes with this surface.

Q. Did you think when you saw those players go down that this is a good chance for you to make a move and get into a quarter?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Of course. If Pete Sampras was playing against me today, I would have had less chances.

Q. Can you talk a bit about the film you made, your career as a film star?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Yeah, I mean, it was very entertainment for me, because it took me only five days; and every one of those days was something else to do. And I played tennis my whole life, so I tried to do something else and it was very funny. I liked it very much. It was a good team; they were helping me a lot because I'm not really professional actor. So it was a little fun.

Q. Has the film come out? Has it been released?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: It's coming on 3rd of October, the premiere, in Czech Republic.

Q. So will you be recognized on the streets even more than you are now after the 3rd of October?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Yeah, I think so. But I mean, of course the quarterfinal of US Open is much more prestige.

Q. What's the film about?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: It's about the guy who lived 200 years ago. It's his anniversary, born 200 years ago. And he was born, like, in 80s, physiotherapy, doctor. He was treating with a holistic style of life. A lot of working exercises, and good eating, and like water treatment. So that's why the character suits me a lot, because I'm seven years vegetarian, and I like that lifestyle and I like nature a lot. So that's why it suit me so much.

Q. How did it happen?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Because of the guy that wrote the movie, he saw me on some interview in TV and he said, "That's him."

Q. Did you have a hard time remembering your lines, or was that pretty easy?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: I had to learn on the tournaments, I was always trying to get the dialogues every night with my coach. So we were working on it every day. But when the movie came, I mean the shooting, it was the guy would always try to change some words in the dialogue, so it was not that easy. But, as I said, he helped me a lot through it.

Q. What's the name of the movie? Can you translate it into English?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Yeah. "Life Water". Because the doctor was treating -- the physio was treating people with water. So it's like cold and hot water, change, mixing. So that's the name.

Q. And the name of the character you play?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Vincent Sprietznitz (ph). That's his name. It's on the calendar of UNESCO, like anniversary. So it's quite big in the Czech Republic. Because he was born in Czech Republic, actually in the mountains, where I like to stay a lot. I bought a house there, and I'm thinking about living there.

Q. In the Czech Republic?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Yeah, Czech Republic.

Q. Can you just talk about Rusedski, if you meet him in the next round, what sort of threat will he give you?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: You think he's going to win?

Q. Maybe.


Q. If he does win.

SLAVA DOSEDEL: I never played him, so I -- of course I saw a lot of matches from him and what was the question? I didn't hear.

Q. What sort of threats will he pose to you, his game?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: What sort of?

Q. Threats.

SLAVA DOSEDEL: I don't understand.

Q. What tactics will you have to employ against him?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: What tactics against Greg? Is quite simply, just to break him once in the set. That's all.

Q. Can you tell us who, after your match, you went up in the crowd and kind of embraced someone, or a couple people. Could you tell us who that was.

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Yeah, I mean I have quite a big support here. I stay with family in Long Island already, last eight years. So it's like feeling like home. I don't like to stay in a hotel every tournament, is boring and I'm alone there so it's not too much fun. But they support me every match, and they are good friends.

Q. Was it your coach also, or was it just --?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: Yeah, of course. My coach and my manager.

Q. You say you don't like many hardcourt tournaments, but are you worried about playing five matches, maybe six, maybe seven?

SLAVA DOSEDEL: No, I'm not worried at all. Right now I'm enjoying the moment, and I'm looking forward.

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