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September 7, 1999

Todd Martin

FLUSHING MEADOWS, NEW YORK, T. MARTIN/G. Rusedski 5-7, 0-6, 7-6, 6-4, 6-4

USTA: Questions for Todd?

Q. Just tell us what you were thinking --?

TODD MARTIN: Tell us or tell you?

Q. Tell me, on behalf of us, just being down, you know, Rusedski serving for the match, what are you thinking at that point?

TODD MARTIN: Well, pretty disappointed because I figure my US Open's done, but also I want to sort of redeem myself from the way I played the first couple of sets. And I remember he served for the match against me in Memphis a couple of years ago, a number of years ago. I broke him and won that match, too. So I was hopeful that maybe I could just hit a couple shots or that he'd miss a couple.

Q. What did you think of the crowd when you're sitting on the changeover and thousands of people are yelling, "Let's go Todd?"

TODD MARTIN: I don't know if it was that or the smelling salts that was picking me up more, but the crowd was great. It was exciting. Quite a moment.

Q. There was a moment, I was told, when Greg had asked you something in the fourth set --?

TODD MARTIN: No. He was asking the umpire why Doug was out. The umpire, I heard what Greg said, the umpire said he doesn't -- that's not necessary. He just called for the trainer. Greg said, "Well, it's common courtesy at least to know," and I was a little put off by that. And I just told him, "I'm not feeling so well, Greg." So... That was it.

Q. A couple reporters wanted me to ask you, Greg's comment in the press conference where he said that you didn't win the match; that he lost it.

TODD MARTIN: Well, no, every tennis match, there's one guy that won the match and one guy that lost it. Rarely is it all one thing. So it was a little bit of me winning the match and a little bit of him losing the match. I can't blame him for saying that.

Q. It probably hasn't sunk in yet, but is this one of your greatest victories, do you think?

TODD MARTIN: It's pretty exciting.

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