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August 7, 2002

Taylor Dent


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You are famous now. You made the cover of Tennis Week.

TAYLOR DENT: Yeah, that's what I was told. Is it all down hill from here? (Laughs)

Q. I hope not. Are you starting to feel like you are really getting there, making a mark, going into big tournaments expecting to win?

TAYLOR DENT: I don't know whether I am expecting to win. It's just like I was saying in a different interview, it is such a fine margin for error on the day. It's whoever is playing just that much worse (indicating an inch) is probably going to lose. So you just go out there -- just expecting to play my game and just adjust from there. Just too much to expect to win, I think.

Q. But your game is starting to prove good enough to beat good players fairly consistently.

TAYLOR DENT: Yeah, last month or so it has been. But I hope I can keep improving. I have still got a long way to go. My game still has a lot of holes that I can improve. So I am fairly excited for the future; not just now.

Q. From Wimbledon you seem to be playing at a different level, any reason? Anything happen?

TAYLOR DENT: I think actually the match in probably Nottingham, even though I lost to Michael LLodra the first round, I played just an immensely better match. I was thinking a little bit more clear out on the court. And just happen to carry it over to Wimbledon and I have just kind of, just cyclified the game since then. So it's just, you know, been coming a little bit easier for me.

Q. Are you expecting victories like you had today or are you surprised when you get them?

TAYLOR DENT: Like I said, I think that I can go out there on the day and beat anybody. I think that I have the game to do that. But like I said, it's just such a fine line between winning and losing, that it's tough to expect anything. I just go out there and play each point and let the chips fall. I wish I was good enough to, you know, expect to win every match. But that's just not the case.

Q. On a national radio show they were talking with Patrick McEnroe about the future of American tennis. He mentioned Roddick; then he mentioned Blake; then he mentioned you. Is that fair? Is that for him to do that?

TAYLOR DENT: Well, I am American, I am a young guy, and, you know, I guess hopefully I have got a future in playing Davis Cup for the States. But like I said, there's a long way to go. I have got a lot of work to do with my game. But we just have to see what happens down the road.

Q. How do you simplify your game? You spoke of that. What does that entail?

TAYLOR DENT: Just playing a more solid game of tennis instead of trying to be so flashy, instead of trying to hit a winner on a ball I get a half look at, and say, oh, rip it. That's how I used to play. Now I am just kind of playing a bit more conservative and using my strengths to win the points in the matches which is my volleys, I think that's where I want to be winning the point. I am just trying to manipulate my whole game around those, my volley.

Q. Kramer used to call it percentage tennis. Is that what you are talking about?

TAYLOR DENT: That's pretty much the bottom line. I am just playing better percentage tennis, yeah.

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