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August 20, 2004

Taylor Dent


THE MODERATOR: First question for Taylor, please.

Q. How are you feeling?

TAYLOR DENT: Feeling a little disappointed with the way I executed my game out there today. You know, tight first set, had a set point there, had another breakpoint before that. I was playing, you know, on my service games okay in the first set, but I was returning, you know, below par for me and playing from the baseline below par. So that was a bit disappointing. And the only difference in the second set was just I couldn't, you know, seem to find any serves to get any free points. And he returned well. You know, that's kind of the problem with playing serve and volley: if you're not really serving well, the games can go fast. But he played well. You know, I was happy with the way I competed out there. I was playing, you know -- I think I could have played better, and I have played better this week. But I was, you know, sticking to my guns and I was fighting hard. You know, there's some positives coming out of that match for me, but I'm a little disappointed, for sure.

Q. Can you get pumped for a bronze medal match?

TAYLOR DENT: If I had to play right now, maybe not (smiling). But, yeah, by tomorrow I'll be fired up and ready to go. It's going to be another challenge for me mentally to see if I can get back out there and get back on the horse right away, you know, play some good tennis tomorrow.

Q. Are you going to talk to Mardy at all about any pointers he has?

TAYLOR DENT: I've played Gonzalez before, and Mardy and I have a little different style. There's not too much strategy involved in my game. Yeah, I'll see what he says, you know, but we see these guys play every week. You know, it's no big mystery how I'm going to play him.

Q. Are you excited for Mardy?

TAYLOR DENT: Oh, it's awesome. I was in the locker room. I just got off the match. It was 4-All in the third set. I had a feeling, I just go, "Mardy's going to break this game." I didn't see any of the tennis. I just saw Mardy hold like two points before that at 3 serving 4. I just ffelt Mardy was going to break I was really happy for him. You know, hopefully he has a great match in a couple of days.

Q. How excited was he in the locker room?

TAYLOR DENT: He was pumped. He was pumped. Everybody was laughing and having a good time, which is good. That's what the Olympics is all about, you know, a team atmosphere and a team feeling. You know, hopefully we can get a couple of medals the next couple of days and, you know, go home happy.

Q. Did you hear that Gonzalez was injured?

TAYLOR DENT: Yeah. Dean Goldfine or Patrick McEnroe mentioned it to me because I asked them just how the match went. They said he rolled his ankle or something like that. But they said he didn't seem to be too bothered by it after the fact. So, you know, I'm not really too worried about that.

Q. Anything you feel you need to do in the next couple hours?

TAYLOR DENT: Couple hours? Just rest, relax, mentally regroup. You know, like I said, it's a little bit disappointing. But I think it will really be good for me if I can go out tomorrow and play another mentally tough match just having, you know, to face that disappointment. Regardless of winning or losing, if I can go out there and stick to my guns again and play well, yeah, then it will be a very big bonus for me.

Q. Win or lose, overall feelings about being here?

TAYLOR DENT: Obviously, if I win, the feelings will be better (smiling). But, yeah, I can't say there's been negatives this week. Obviously, this match is a little bit of a negative. But, again, I did what I wanted to do out there. You know, yeah, win or lose, I'd say it's been an unbelievable experience. Mardy getting to the final is awesome. And, you know, I've had a lot of fun with the team.

Q. Mardy said he's going to try to get out to some events. Are you going to do the same?

TAYLOR DENT: Well, he doesn't have to play tomorrow, lucky dog. I do. So it's going to be a quiet night for me. Hopefully get to bed a little bit earlier than I have been. You know, rest up and get pumped up for tomorrow.

End of FastScripts….

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