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January 27, 2005

Nathalie Dechy


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Nathalie.

Q. You must feel that's a great opportunity missed.

NATHALIE DECHY: You negative, no? Of course I was close to -- I think I was close to win that match, but I think she's before getting a match point and getting the match over, there was few points from that, and she played really well all that close rallies. So I don't regret anything. I mean, I played a really good match. I did the best I could, and I have no regrets.

Q. Were you nervous before the match?


Q. Is there one particular place or point where you thought the match got away from you, when you had the chance to win it? I'm thinking in the tiebreak, you played a forehand wide, it would have given you two match points.

NATHALIE DECHY: Well, I remember that I led 4-1, but she was serving still at 4-1, and she served pretty well. And you can always like replay the match and redo the match 10 times, but it's over. I mean, I think I did the best I could, as I said, and I'm really happy about this experience. I think I have been improving every matches, and that's it. It's over. I'm not going to go back tonight and play the match again.

Q. What difference has Sven made to your game?

NATHALIE DECHY: Well, I think we're working pretty well together. He's really good. We're having a good time and good fun working out there. That's the difference.

Q. Did experience or the difference in experience between you two make a big difference in this match?

NATHALIE DECHY: Yeah, maybe she handled like the tight moment a little bit better than I did. But I think she's the No. 1 in the world. She's able to play such a high quality level of tennis. And on these points, like on these really close points, she was serving really well, she was going completely for them and making some good shots. That's why she's there at the top, and that's why she's so tough to play on hard court. I did already -- it was my best match against her, and I really think I challenge her the -- like pretty good already, so.

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