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November 19, 2005

Nikolay Davydenko


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English and Chinese.

Q. What happened the first set? Were you hurt? He was playing too well?

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: You know, it's nothing happen because Nalbandian, I don't think so how many mistake he make in the first set? He just tried to keep game like from baseline control and very fast to play, you know, from baseline. I get difficult to control. I make few mistake. He make only winners and no mistake. It was difficult to control in first set. Was for me like try to find with control because balls was very fast and very low in this surface. I need to run many run, make something different. You know, try to win some points, but is difficult and was 6-Love. He was returning good, and from baseline even he play good. I serving today well. Start many first serve, and he was returning normal, then we play from baseline.

Q. What happened in the second?

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: In the second was different because different control. I was already try to find already from baseline with control, and I can't really something to do in the same like how Nalbandian because I was already tired after the first set because I was too many run. Nalbandian to play very fast, and I was too many run. I try something to find in the first set and was difficult. Now started, okay, like make break, was 4-2, was difficult game in my serve. I think this game was important to be for the third set. But he win this game and was difficult already to come back.

Q. You said you think this game was difficult to come back. Didn't you think after 6-Love that you could fight back?

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: You don't think about anything because you just try to play every game, every point. If you get some chance, you try to take this chance. And today was chance in the second set. I need something to prove because sometimes if you get chance, you need to play like very good. In this important point, I was playing not so great, and I losing match.

Q. Before your match, Gaudio played another match. The same as Gaudio, both played yesterday. Do you think the tiredness is the reason why you lost today's game?

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: No, I don't think so. Was like Nalbandian get one day off. For me yesterday I play, and today it was okay. I was fit. I was good running. It was normally. I think for me I was play okay. Okay, it's like difficult because he play fast, and I need to find something how he playing, find his control from baseline. I told yesterday already press, we both play from baseline, and who is better get control from baseline and is win match. He was better today.

Q. You say you like to play many tournaments. Are you sad not to have any tournaments coming for one month or happy?

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: What do you mean?

Q. What will you do after this is over?

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: Well, you know, today it's like I finish. I get now holiday. I'm also lucky. It's not like this important because I lose semifinal. I'm also happy because finish career now in this season and get some holiday now and take rest. I am happy.

Q. What do you think about tomorrow's final between Federer and Nalbandian?

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: You know, I don't know about Federer -- Federer play well. Okay, not like today because this was easy match. But I think Nalbandian is very good player now in this time because before sometimes he play well, sometimes not so good. And now today he was like against Ljubicic he play also well and against me play also very good. I think tomorrow should be a very good final.

Q. Before the semis you said you'd rather play Nalbandian. Do you think you made a mistake at that time, maybe Ljubicic would have been better for you to play in the semis?

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: No, but like I tell, Ljubicic was -- I think against Ljubicic also difficult to play because he try to play short points. He make more serving. Nalbandian try to play good from baseline. I was surprising. I don't make no mistake because I like to play against guys who make from baseline players. For me, like easy to play this guy. But Nalbandian play very well today. I think he make the best game today.

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