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June 6, 2000

Brian Rafalski

Colin White


Q. Right after the game I heard a great quote from one of your teammates might. He said: 15 games doesn't get you anything; it's got to be 16.

BRIAN RAFALSKI: He is right. We have 60 minutes ahead of us, and they are going to come out fighting for their lives. It is going to be our job to push them over the cliff.

Q. Could you talk to me a little bit about you were in a similar situation to -- what was the mindset of this team when you were down three games to one against the Flyers? Obviously, you didn't give up.

BRIAN RAFALSKI: You don't look at it as three games. You look at it as winning one game on the road. Then you come back home. They have a pretty good record at home. So, you start feeling good about yourself again. Then you try to win that game. We know they are going to come out, try to win the first game; throw everything at us. We are going to have to go out there and -- whether they will come out hard, use the fans for our benefit and -- (inaudible).

Q. Do you get the sense that they have the same degree of fortitude that you guys did? Are they made of the same stuff?

BRIAN RAFALSKI: We will find out. But they are not playing the best right now, but I think they are going to try and have the best game of their series.

Q. Any carryover from that third period at this point in the series?

BRIAN RAFALSKI: There may be. It is hard to say right now, but it is going to start 0-0 again. I definitely think if we can get a couple early on them, that would make things easier. It is not easy to get two goals on them. We will come out in the first period, work hard. I think our powerplay can do better, take advantage of some chances.

Q. The penalty situation, even though you scored the shorthanded, kind of playing with fire?

BRIAN RAFALSKI: Yeah, we were in the box a lot last couple of games. Can't do that. They have a good powerplay. That is not acceptable for us to be taking that many penalties; especially in a crucial third period.

COLIN WHITE: (about Larry Robinson) When I met him he was just an easy-going guy who wanted to help out with the kids and that is just what he did here.

Q. Anything in particular he tutored you on really or gave you advice on?

COLIN WHITE: Yeah, last night he told me to keep my cool. Can't get too emotional out there and that is something I got to work on and that is something I have been working on and Larry is just trying to get in the my.

Q. What was the mood like on this team when you were down 3-1?

COLIN WHITE: We just believed in ourselves. They have a strong team and we know we did it and we know it can happen, so, right now we got to focus on our game and not worry about what they are thinking.

Q. What is the biggest thing when you are down three games to one in terms of your mental approach?

COLIN WHITE: Just take it one game at a time, I think that is what we did the best in that series.

Q. Do you think they are made up of the same stuff that you guys are?

COLIN WHITE: I don't know, I can't say right now. I mean, we will see in the games.

Q. Did they look like a beaten team last night?

COLIN WHITE: I don't think they are a beaten team. They are a veteran team and they are going to come out and give everything they have next game. I think we have to do the same.

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