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May 22, 2002

Darcy Tucker


Q. Almost feels like this has been a series where neither team has been able to play the hockey that they played in the first two rounds, but what is left for you guys as far as what you can do, as far as changes or another source of energy? How much more do you have that you can bring to dictate things for the first time in this series?

DARCY TUCKER: Well, I think we've got to skate a little bit better than we've skated, and we have not had a lot of traffic in their zone and not done maybe the things we have done with the puck in the other series. We have to go out and work as hard as we can. We have a good team, a hard-working team, a gritty team, so we have to go out there and make sure that we get that accomplished.

Q. There's some talk that the team did not have the same passion and grit last night. Is that the result of just a tough playoff grind? Did you notice that?

DARCY TUCKER: I don't know. I think that we've just got to go out there and get the job accomplished. Sometimes you don't play your best when the other team shuts you down, and I think they have done a good job of doing that. But we have to battle hard and work our way through those things.

Q. Do you think there was some sort of effect with the loss of Pat Quinn? Is it bound to have some kind of effect?

DARCY TUCKER: I guess so. I think that any time you lose your coach, it's going to have some sort of effect on your team. But I thought the coaches did a good job of coaching last night and doing the things that Pat would normally do. We have an experienced hockey club, and the guys that go out there over the boards have to get the job done.

Q. Is it hard to work up a lot of dislike for this team? In the first round you had the Islanders and it was a nasty series back and forth, and then Ottawa, the local rivalry, but then Carolina, a team that plays in Raleigh, a different story?

DARCY TUCKER: Well, we've got to get back to maybe some dislike, I guess. Obviously, we have to go out there and beat that team. They skate very well and they play their system very well, and we have to make sure to find ways to counteract that. I think every time our back has been against the wall, we have come up with a gritty effort. So, I don't expect anything different now.

Q. A team that's had so many setbacks in the last month, do you think that you are almost at your limit; that if one more thing happens, you can only take so much?

DARCY TUCKER: Well, we've got to be resilient. Everybody works hard when we go on the ice. We have a great group of guys in the dressing room that are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Like I said, whenever our backs have been up against the wall, we have come up with a pretty strong effort. So, I don't expect anything different tomorrow.

Q. How do you keep that from coming in? There's resilience and then there's this. This is beyond normal resilience.

DARCY TUCKER: I don't think so. We've got some guys back now, like Mats and Jyrki and maybe we can start to depend on them a little bit more. We still have a chance to win it and we were only one shot away from winning the game last night again. Hopefully, we can find ways to win some hockey games.

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