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June 9, 2000

Scott Stevens

DALLAS, TEXAS: Practice Day

SCOTT STEVENS: You have to take -- you have to sacrifice obviously. A lot of times that means taking an outward punch in the face. You have got to stay on the ice. That is the most important thing to keep your discipline; it is important in Playoff hockey.

Q. Is the Cup still yours to take at this point?

SCOTT STEVENS: Yeah, I mean, that is one game, and we are still three games to two. We just -- we are not going to hang our heads. That is one game, and we played a well enough game to win also.

Q. What was the attitude on the flight down? Any talk amongst you guys about -- it was a great game, obviously; but getting refocused?

SCOTT STEVENS: That is the bottom line. We are fine. We had a good flight here and we're relaxed, and getting ready for tomorrow. That is the bottom line. Just go do it on the ice.

Q. What was it like playing a game like that: Stanley Cup Finals, the tension, the fans watching -- playing must have been an unbelievable experience?

SCOTT STEVENS: Oh, yeah. It was long, but it was ups and downs -- a lot of close calls. That is what happens when you get in overtime hockey, when you have two goalies playing that well.

Q. What is the confidence level?

SCOTT STEVENS: I haven't measured it. I don't know.

Q. Nieuwendyk said this afternoon that they have a mental edge over you guys, given what was at stake. One shot would have given you the Cup. They took that away from you.

SCOTT STEVENS: We are up three games to two. That is the edge right there. That is the way I look at it. They have to win tomorrow; not us.

Q. Two games on the road in this series; already there is some confidence that you have won in this building?

SCOTT STEVENS: Yeah, we have played well on the road all through the Playoffs. We play a smart game and a lot of focus and no distractions, and it is nice when people are telling you you are not going to win. That just makes you work harder and look forward to going to play a good, hard game tomorrow.

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