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June 10, 2000

Scott Stevens


Q. As tired as you were, you still had the energy to lift that Cup?

SCOTT STEVENS: Yeah, definitely tiring to me. We have played some hard games lately and Dallas never quit. Seemed like they got more energy as the series went on which was kind of scary and Belfour played well. Marty held his own and played great for us also. It was a great team effort. I am proud to be a part of it.

Q. How does it feel for a defensive defensemen to finally get the recognition to win an award like this?

SCOTT STEVENS: It is an honor, it is a thrill. I was just looking at some of the names on here, I see Larry Robinson here, that is unbelievable, so I am just -- it is a thrill I am very proud and there is a lot of guys in our dressing room that deserve to win that award, but like I said, it is an honor and it is something I will always remember.

Q. Is this a different feeling having -- there wasn't a sweep, it was this way or that way?

SCOTT STEVENS: It was a battle. There is no question this wasn't easy at all. Like I said, it seemed like Dallas got more energy as the series went on. It was always scary. Belfour played unbelievable, but we just worked through it and we have finally won it in overtime and it was just a huge goal for us and I guess this is kind of fitting for us to win it on the road because we played unbelieveable on the road and once again the Stanley Cup Finals.

Q. You didn't answer the question though, after 5 overtimes, over the last two games, was the Cup heavy?

SCOTT STEVENS: Yeah, it is heavy and I got a bad shoulder so it was tough to lift it up. But we found some energy in there and I was able to get it above my head for a while.

Q. In this particular game the hit you had on Lindros, you, I am sure, could feel the effect. Were you concerned whether you agreed with the Hatcher hit on Sykora that it might have what effect on --

SCOTT STEVENS: It is tough to go through. That, you hate to see that. I mean, it is part of the game and when a guy has his head down, it is tough when he is leaning forward and that is what happens. But we battled through it and we have been strong all year, but it is tough and we just want to win for Petr and I mean, there is no chance probably him getting back for the next game so we wanted to win it tonight for him.

Q. Scott, could you just talk about the difference between winning this one, winning the one in 1995, you know, having to come back go through all this disappointment, is it a better feeling this time around?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, it is a good feeling and also a lot of people talk about the shortened season and you kind of put that aside, but it is always there and it is going to be a nice to experience this winning the Stanley Cup through a full season and battling hard like we did to really get a feel for it. I am not taking away from 95. I think that was a tough year for anyone to win the Stanley Cup. It is tough to battle through 82 games and come on top and win the Stanley Cup.

Q. How long has the shoulder been bad?

SCOTT STEVENS: It's been off and on -- had it since Florida, but it was starting to get a little better against Dallas. It wasn't as physical, obviously, playing against the Modano/Hull line because they are a talented line, but it -- I had a pinched nerve and it happened second game in Florida. But I had a masseuse work on it and like I said, got a little better during the Finals.

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