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May 27, 2001

Scott Stevens


Q. Scott, Larry was mentioning that the team may have believed some press clippings that were written about you earlier in the series may have gotten to your head. Do you think there is a question of a bit of overconfidence going into the game?

SCOTT STEVENS: Possibly. There is always that possibility, but we just didn't play with that. We didn't skate that well and they played pretty well. But the game is played on the ice and we have to do a lot better job in a lot of areas. We will make changes and we will be better next game.

Q. How do you think you played last night, just give us a selfappraisal of how you played?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, not as good as I like to play. Sometimes things happen.

Q. It seems that there is one game every series where you guys sort of come up with a sub-par effort and then you guys seem to really rally from the adversity and come together. I was wondering if I could get a comment from you on that.

SCOTT STEVENS: It seems to be that way. Hopefully that trend will continue with the next game, so there is no question we -- I don't think we skated as well and played aggressive a hockey game as we'd like to play. Looked like we were a little tentative. But there is no question we have had those types of games in every series and hopefully that will be the last one in this series.

Q. Joe Sakic obviously any team would have to stop him in this situation. What is the key to stopping him?

SCOTT STEVENS: It seems like he likes to come from behind with speed. And the other players are aware of him coming. He winds up, gets speed, comes from behind, so we will to have be looking for that. Like I said, we are going to make changes and hopefully that will help our game and nullify that to a certain extent


Q. Are these moments when the "C" on your sweater is especially significant to you?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, I don't really think about it like that, but you know, this is the biggest time of year right now. I don't think a lot has to be said, we have worked hard to get to this point, put a lot of game hours in and we have to be ready to play every night and you know, maybe they played a great game. Maybe we were just a little bit off or a bit of both. But there is no question we are looking for a much better effort the next game.

Q. Part B: What is the mood around the dressing room today? Are you guys dwelling on what happened last night? Are you looking ahead? Are you happy that there is a couple of three days between games? You guys are an experienced team. What is the mood in the room today?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, obviously you don't like to lose. You never like to lose and never like to lose like that. But it is one game and we have got to improve and learn from it and get better and you need four games to win the Stanley Cup right now. That's one game and they got the first game and now we are looking to rebound.

Q. Was it simply a level of frustration at the end of the game? Down 5-0, were you sending a message just a lot of emotion coming out there?

SCOTT STEVENS: This is pretty much common in any game when the game is pretty much over, a team's not having a good night, that those things tend to happen. I think it is just human nature and that's part of hockey. You pretty much see that every time.

Q. Do you agree with Larry who said that the team might have begun believing in its own clips and took the Avalanche forgranted, that you guys are great?

SCOTT STEVENS: It's possible. I don't know how to answer that question but that's a possibility. Maybe because we beat them twice in the regular season, that could be a possibility also, but it is obvious we know what is at task here now and we have seen the Avalanche play pretty good game, so I think that's going to make us much more aware of the next game and be ready to play. No one likes to lose like that, and we are going to be ready for the next game.

Q. As everybody in the hockey world knows you have personally been able to create momentum for your hockey club with the type of hits that you have dished out the last two Playoff years in particular. When things start going like this, do you look for something like that? Are you more in tune about maybe wanting to step up and get that big hit and help turn the tide a bit?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, you like to do that every shift if you could but it is just not possible. When you are playing against good skilled players you have to be smart and sometimes it asks for a different game. The Avalanche and the people I am usually playing against are pretty skilled players so you have to be smart. You don't want to take yourself out of position but obviously it would be nice to hit those people if you can and as much as you can, but the puck is just as important at times; taking away the passing and shooting lanes is just as important. But every game is different and we will see what happens the next game.

Q. It appeared to me and some others maybe that either they didn't allow you to or you didn't stand up at the blue line enough and they controlled the puck going in deep into your zone as opposed to Pittsburgh that couldn't get through and the other teams that dump it. Can you do anything about it? They have a lot of speed.

SCOTT STEVENS: Well they really stretched us out. They put a guy up high at post and tried to get the puck to him. He either tips it to the middle or he dumps it in and the other two guys are coming with speed. We are aware of what they are doing. Like I said we have to make adjustments and that's why it is a 7-game series.

Q. One year ago did you remind yourself at all the example that Dallas set last season, you guys wiped them up in Game 1 on your home ice; they recovered on the road to get victory in Game 2?

SCOTT STEVENS: Yeah, I recall that. That's what it is. One game you put it aside and maybe after we beat Dallas that game we were feeling pretty good about ourselves too. I am sure Colorado is feeling pretty good about themselves and they should be they played a pretty good game. We need to play better.

Q. Do you feel like it's very important for you to win the Sakic battle?

SCOTT STEVENS: If we can get, you know, they did a lot of line changing, did a lot of short shifts, and it was tough to get out there at the right time. Like I said they did short shifts and that made it tough to get to the matchups. But they did; had a good game plan. They were, like I said before, they basically had a guy posted up and two guys coming up with speed. It was tough for the "D" to stand up. I think we were a little tentative, weren't aggressive as we'd like to be; didn't really force their defense as much as we'd like to. Hopefully that will change next game.

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