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June 1, 2001

Scott Niedermayer

Scott Stevens


SCOTT STEVENS: We don't want to go back there down 3 games to 1. It is a huge game for us much like the second game in Colorado was. We will go out there and have our best and do whatever it takes to win.

Q. (Inaudible)

SCOTT STEVENS: There are lots of things we can do. You can always second guess yourself.

Q. 3-1 down in Philadelphia, down in Toronto. Get beat in Game 2 against Pittsburgh, do you think it's a coincidence or is something happening here?

SCOTT STEVENS: Nobody plans these things. You obviously want to win every game. It's not a perfect world. That's why winning Stanley Cups are hard to do and because it takes a lot of effort and it takes ups and downs. Obviously, this isn't the time you want to have ups and downs, but like I said, they are up one game on us right now. You need 4 games to win. We will get to tomorrow's game and --

Q. After what Larry said last night (inaudible)

SCOTT STEVENS: Obviously, you have got to talk about things. Hoping that talking would solve some problems and get us back on track. Bottom line is got to play for 60 minutes and staying with the system and working out of it.

Q. (Inaudible)

SCOTT STEVENS: At this point, got to come to play. This is too important. We are down to basically. One week left after such a long hard season and it is not much to ask one more week to get the job done.

Q. What are they doing to you defensively that you guys were the highest powered offense during the regular season (inaudible)

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, the biggest thing is Playoff hockey backchecking is more important. Guys are committed to backchecking more and it is a big part. You have to get the puck in deep. You have to get the puck going to the net. You can't turn it over the blue line. You can't have the fancy long drop passes because there's people coming back so you have got to take it to the net, got to work it down low and that's the biggest difference right now.

Q. Jason Arnott just mentioned that he feels this is it, that you guys have to win Game 4 and John Madden just said that Colorado is too good a team to come back -- (inaudible)

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, nothing is in stone, but sure they are a good team and it will be a big challenge no question about that. You don't want to put yourself in that situation.

Q. Why do you think the No. 1 thing is that you guys have to change to come back and, I guess beat them in Game 4 --

SCOTT STEVENS: Just get the puck in deep and like I said, we worked hard at the start. Just keep going that same way. Might not pay-off the first or second period but it could be the third period where you get your goals or you get your chance to score. You can't get frustrated because they are checking tight. You have got fight through it and work through those tough times. If you do that, like I said, you work hard you get some breaks

Q. What is the mood of this team right now, desperation or --

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: Not desperation, but rather be in a different situation, but we still have an opportunity to even the series up tomorrow.

Q. Personally do you feel almost 100% before hit, are you totally back?


Q. How long have you been feeling that way?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: Since the second game.

Q. Game 2 you started sort of feeling back where you wanted to feel?


Q. How did you know that you were back? What specifically did you say, hey, okay..

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: I just felt normal. Like I had a headache.

Q. No headache?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: Lightheadedness.

Q. Compared to the Toronto series that you did play are these guys getting more successful at putting pressure on you guys (inaudible)?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: He is getting lot of good hits in. Even more than any other team in these Playoffs. They are doing a good job at all these things for sure. They are doing a good job at getting the puck in, you know, Marty can't get out and help us out and when they do that, their forwards are doing anything they can to get in on us.

Q. Offensive talent on both teams. Are you surprised about what a defensive tone this series has taken?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: Not really. I think that happens in the Playoffs. Everybody is out there working as hard as they can getting in front of pucks and doing things to prevent goals from going in so they are just that much harder to come by.

Q. When teams are going through tough times finding the net and getting pucks to the net is it a matter of just using better opportunities or shooting the puck more, those --

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: I think it is just a matter of continuing to try and do it and supposed -- if we go out and do it for a few shifts and maybe don't get a good scoring chance and/or don't score a goal, don't try and stop doing it, just keep doing it. We don't really have any other choice. It is just a matter of staying with it as long as it takes.

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