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May 31, 2003

Grant Marshall

Scott Stevens


Q. Scott Stevens, you have been in such control of the series. How different is it being behind after two?

SCOTT STEVENS: We tied it up there, and they got a lucky goal. We still have a chance. We're right there.

Q. It's so strange to see Marty make a mistake. What do you expect it to be like in the room? Any changes out of Marty?

SCOTT STEVENS: He'll bounce back and we'll try to get the game back.

Q. Grant, how do you account for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks having more scoring chances in the first two periods of this game than they did in the whole of the series?

GRANT MARSHALL: Well, they battled hard. They came out at home which we expected they would. We didn't have that bad of a first period. We are starting to pick up a little bit in the second, but they just kept coming hard and we got a bad break for us there with Marty losing his stick there. But we're a confident team and we're going to keep battling.

Q. You tied the game, and then to see them get a goal on that bad break, Marty Brodeur beaten from the blue line because he lost control of his stick. What were you thinking when you saw that one go in?

GRANT MARSHALL: A couple swear words came to mind, but it's a mistake. Marty's been great for us all year. But that happens. That's hockey. Unfortunately, we don't want to see those things, but he's a battler and he's going to come back.

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