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June 2, 2003

Scott Stevens


Q. Brodeur was pointing out Game 4, Tampa Bay, huge game, and you guys won. Does this team know when to rise to the occasion when it's absolutely necessary?

SCOTT STEVENS: Hopefully. Every game is different, and we like to win them all.

Q. Babcock was saying at the podium today there has been a lot more obstruction in this series than he thought should be allowed. Do you agree with that?

SCOTT STEVENS: Yeah, I have seen a lot.

Q. I take it it's not only from the New Jersey side.

SCOTT STEVENS: I've seen a lot. I've seen a lot in their end.

Q. The team that gets the first goal always has an advantage. You guys are so experienced if somebody scores a first goal against you, it's not a big deal. But do you think if you get a goal first on somebody else, it plays into your hands?

SCOTT STEVENS: Hopefully. It gives you confidence. Both teams obviously feel they can win with one goal. They've done it early in the playoffs, and so usually the first goal is a big goal.

Q. It used to be in this league if a team gave up the first goal they could come back. What's changed at all?

SCOTT STEVENS: Both teams play well defensively and both teams have great goaltending. That combination makes one goal able to stand up.

Q. It seems like this team is as good at home as the '95 team is good on the road. Is there a major difference between the two teams in that way?

SCOTT STEVENS: Personnel or?

Q. Just basically why was the '95 team so dominant on the road? Can you compare the two teams?

SCOTT STEVENS: I don't know why. Maybe in '95 we basically started on the road every series. Maybe that was a reason to have the record we have. We had to unless we weren't going to go to the Finals or win the Cup. This year, obviously, having home ice three times out of four, you put pressure on yourself to retain that home ice. Maybe that's the reason why our home record is so better this year.

Q. You guys have played some of your best games after a loss in the playoffs.

SCOTT STEVENS: Yeah, sometimes you need to lose a game and it brings the best out of you in the next game. Not that we played totally horrible in Game 3, but you sometimes need something like that to set you back and get focused and get back to playing the perfect game you need to play.

Q. Is it a matter of pride too?

SCOTT STEVENS: Yeah, yeah, sure. Losses hurt more at this time of the year than in the regular season, obviously, but it's definitely a lot more fun winning, and this is an important time of year and this is when you need to win.

Q. Are you noticing frustration out of Paul Kariya?

SCOTT STEVENS: No, I think he's working hard and getting chances.

Q. Do you think it's got to be weighing on him, though?

SCOTT STEVENS: No. It's a team game and if you look where their team is, everyone is contributing. Obviously, you're still helping the team. You're doing the little things. You're sacrificing certain things to win and be in the position you are.

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