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June 13, 2002

Ron Francis

Luc Robitaille

Jiri Slegr


Q. At the post early in the period, but how concerned are you with letting Carolina hanging around in the game scoreless after one?

LUC ROBITAILLE: We don't want to let them hang around. They have been playing us tight all series. So, for us, we don't want to open up. We don't want to give them any chances. We just want to play our game. That's the way we played all series. Things we got to do a little bit better, our forechecking.

Q. 16 seasons for you. 10 of them have at least two Cups. What are you feeling right now 40 minutes away?

LUC ROBITAILLE: We have got to get a couple of goals. I am excited. We'll keep playing tonight. Like I said, we don't want to open up anything. We're going to go work hard.

Q. Ron, more than anything, the Hurricanes needs goals. Detroit is getting the majority of chances.

RON FRANCIS: We're giving up to many odd-man breaks. We play a system, we play it well. They have had too many 3-on-2s and 2-on-1s and wide open shots, we have got shut those down.

Q. How difficult are they to shut down given they have zone snipers?

RON FRANCIS: Well, you can't really focus on one individual or one line because they have got 4 that produce for them. We need our four lines playing as well as they can every time they step on the ice. And if we do that, that will give us the best chance to have success.

Q. First Playoff action. Tell me what the opportunity means to you.

JIRI SLEGR: Well, I would say a lot. This is the first game in a long time, and this is the Stanley Cup Finals. And everybody's dream is the Stanley Cup, and I am playing in it right now. I am so excited.

Q. What about the partnership with Chris Chelios?

JIRI SLEGR: It makes things a lot easier than normal. He's a guy that helps you out a lot. We talked the other night. Just a tremendous feeling right now, and just hoping we're going to pull it out.

Q. What was the word in the Wing's room about what you were going to keep in mind as a team approaching the game?

JIRI SLEGR: We all know what we're going for. We got one goal: It's Stanley Cup. And it's just, like I said, everybody knows what it is and just have to work hard and do the job.

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