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January 17, 1998

Teemu Selanne


TEEMU SELANNE: Anybody can beat anybody when they are playing their best hockey. That's why it's going to be interesting. Playing in the middle of the season, too. First time the best players playing against the best players during the season.

Q. (Inaudible)

TEEMU SELANNE: I don't know. I think this weekend is going to be really important for hockey. Like this year is going to be an unbelievable schedule, for sure, guys going to the Olympics. Just have to try to hang in there.

Q. How important is it winning the All-Star Game as opposed to just having fun and putting on a good show?

TEEMU SELANNE: I haven't won the game (laughter). I don't know how is it.

Q. How much emphasis as opposed to just having a good time?

TEEMU SELANNE: You just want to have a good time. It's a little nice break during the games. I really think this year the game is going to be different. We can still enjoy this weekend. It's pretty tough, but I think it's important.

Q. Do you think the game itself will different, and how so?

TEEMU SELANNE: I think the game is going to be different. There's going to be more skating. We don't know what the game is going to be. You going to find out tomorrow.

Q. Teemu, are you having a better year than your rookie year?

TEEMU SELANNE: Last couple weeks have been really tough. I think overall, I really feel comfortable. Rookie year was unbelievable. I still think I'm playing better hockey this year. My first year, you know, nobody really knew what my style is. I remember there were a lot of people asking, "Who is this guy?" Right now, every guy I'm playing against, the best defensemen. My job is a lot tougher right now, this year more than my rookie year. Like I said, I feel pretty comfortable right now.

Q. You've taken some knocks along the way, injuries and criticism. You're more mature. Does that allow to you appreciate this a little more?

TEEMU SELANNE: Oh, sure. You have to go through those things before you start respect things more. This is my sixth year, so I know so much about how I should be. I'm so much smarter now. That's why I feel more comfortable right now than my rookie year.

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