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June 24, 1999

Teemu Selanne


TEEMU SELANNE: Thank you, very much. I feel very lucky and honored to win this trophy for the first time. I want to thank my wife, my two sons, my parents, my brothers for all the love and support they have given me all these years. Also I want to thank the Mighty Ducks organization, my teammates, coaching staff, and all the hockey fans, and everybody back in Finland who has helped me so much making this night possible. Also, a special thanks for Mr. Richard for coming here tonight and making this night so special, not only for me, but all of us. Thank you, very much.

Press conference:

Q. Growing up in Finland, what did you know about Rocket Richard?

TEEMU SELANNE: Well, I didn't know much about him when I was playing in Finland, but when I came over here in Winnipeg, I started to hear his name. Now when I knew I'm going to win this trophy, I start a little bit studying what he has done and what a great player he was.

Q. When you see that photo of him with the blood down the eye, what do you think when you see that?

TEEMU SELANNE: Well, I knew that he was a really good player, really intense guy, high temper (laughter). You know, even that time, the players, they really gave everything what they had. They played so hard. It's great to see that hockey was so important and so intense that time also.

Q. Were you rooting for Gretzky to win the Lady Byng tonight?

TEEMU SELANNE: Oh, yeah. I was so nervous. I didn't have a speech or anything for the Lady Byng. Sure, I was sure that Gretzky is going to win that. I was really happy for him. I told him before this award that, "You going to win that, no matter what."

Q. Winning this award for the first time, is that a special honor?

TEEMU SELANNE: That's really special. First of all, I'm really happy that the NHL have this kind of award now. Winning the first time, it's always special. It's special tonight. It was so great that Mr. Richard came here and did the presentation. What a great night.

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