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February 1, 2002

Teemu Selanne


MODERATOR: Questions.

Q. What kind of advice would you give to someone playing in their first All-Star Game?

TEEMU SELANNE: Just to relax, have fun, no pressure. That's the bottom line. Especially when this season is going to be so exhausting, just try to have fun.

Q. Who do you rate as a favorite for the gold or silver?

TEEMU SELANNE: Well, you know, what's going to really make this tournament special, I think the number one team, number six team, we are talking about a two-week period. Whoever is going to find a way to be really hot, perhaps have a chance to win. Of course, you know, Canada and the USA, they are the two favorites. You never know what's going to happen. Like I said, anybody can beat anybody. That's what makes this so special.

Q. Do you like the Scandinavian teams?

TEEMU SELANNE: I think we always hope that the teams who grew up to play, it's going to be a big advantage. It's going to be different. I think, like I said, the team which cannot find a way to be hot in the right team, not going to have success. The special team is going to take the biggest advantage, is going to have fun and win.

Q. You've been to seven other All-Star Games. When you come in do you think about (inaudible)?

TEEMU SELANNE: Early in the season, you don't want to think about that too much. When it's getting closer and closer, everybody starts talking about it, TV and radios and newspapers, they start covering more about the Olympics, it's there. I'm thinking about it. It's going to be a nice break for everybody to go and play, a little bit away from the normal stuff. It's funny that NHL every day is pretty much the same kind of day. I bet there's guys that don't even know what day or month it is. That's why it's going to be nice, to have a little change, go play for your own countrymen and play in the Olympics, it's a huge thing. I'm very happy that there's a lot of guys that they're going to have an opportunity to play in the Olympics, otherwise the NHL players wouldn't be there, wouldn't have a chance. It's nice.

Q. Saku could be an inspiration for your team?

TEEMU SELANNE: Yeah. We were talking earlier we'd like to bring Saku there and be part of the team somehow. I just talked with him and he said maybe when his treatments are done, he probably wants to take time off, go someplace where he doesn't have to think about hockey. It's a good idea. Hopefully he's not rushing back either. He needs time to recover and get his body and mind back to normal and stuff.

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