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May 30, 2001

Adam Foote

Patrick Roy

Joe Sakic


Q. Can you talk about obviously the opportunities that were lost maybe in the first period last night, three powerplays you end up 1-1?

JOE SAKIC: Well, obviously they got a couple of goals there, one shorthanded; one just at the end of a powerplay for them. That was the difference. Then they just played well in the neutral zone. They clogged it up and we helped them out as well. We didn't use our speed enough. We are looking to change that next game.

Q. Are you comfortable if it does become one of these series where it's a lot of neutral zone trapping and a lot of dumping chasing as opposed to the first game where it was high flying?

JOE SAKIC: Oh, yeah, we can play that way. He we just didn't do a very good job yesterday. We let them take over the game. They did a pretty good job after it was 2-1. For us, we just have to regroup and come out hard in Game 3. It's the best of 5 now; a lot of hockey left.

Q. When they start playing at that pace, certainly looks boring to the fan. Does it ever get boring to a player?

JOE SAKIC: No, I mean, that's the way the league is. A lot of teams play like that. There is ways you can beat it. You have to use your speed. It's something we didn't do a very good job of last night.

Q. Beside the trap did they do anything more specific on your line?

JOE SAKIC: I don't know, I think most of their stuff is in the neutral zone and they probably played a little tighter, little more physical, but other than that, nothing too drastic


Q. Did you hurt your shoulder at all?

ADAM FOOTE: No, not at all.

Q. The thing about Scotty Stevens he likes to intimidate people. Any of that work?

ADAM FOOTE: Maybe against some guys, but more talk the better.

Q. How do you forget about your record at New Jersey?

ADAM FOOTE: That's the regular season. You only worry about the fact that we have got a great road record. Like I said we can't worry about what they are doing. We have got to worry about what we are doing. We have to dictate our play and last night we didn't.

Q. Is there a parallel there between you guys going into L.A. and the Playoffs and winning there and learning how to do it there, where in the regular season you struggled and here you are going to New Jersey?

ADAM FOOTE: I guess you can take how well we did in L.A. as a positive, but hey, we are thinking about how we are in a 2-1 game, we didn't even play our game near to how we could play it last night. So that's the way we have to look at it. We are not happy with the way we played. It is no secret, and we have to come out stronger.


Q. Patrick, talk about the difference of that game obviously outside of the score, how did your team play differently in Game 2 than Game 1?

PATRICK ROY: I thought Jersey played a solid game. They shut down and as soon as they took the2-1 lead seemed that they did very well defensively. Like we said last night, I mean, we didn't generate enough of offense after that. But it's a 1-1 series now and we are going over there and we have been playing very well on the road all year. We are going to have to focus on Game 3 and try to play a solid road game.

Q. Without Peter Forsberg how is that affecting your powerplay?

PATRICK ROY: I don't think -- I mean, everybody knows what I think about Peter and everybody -- I don't think we should start to talk about that. He is not going to be there and he is not going to make a difference in the series because he is not going to play. Then we should try to find a solution and our powerplay did very well in the series so far.

Q. Can you pinpoint anything about playing at the Meadowlands? You haven't won there as a franchise and as such a good team?

PATRICK ROY: We are going out there knowing that it will be an important game, Game 3, and we are going to have to do well, didn't have that much success. We are going to have to try to pull one there.

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