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June 5, 2001

Adam Foote

Joe Sakic


Q. Generating offense, what does the team have to do to obviously get more shots and more goals?

JOE SAKIC: We have to generate more obviously. I think the key is we are going to have to have a better first period. It's a tough team to play against when they have a one- or two-goal lead. You want to play with a lead so we can dictate our style.

Q. What's the mood on this team? You were close to having a 3-1 series lead and now facing elimination.

JOE SAKIC: The mood is good. It's as good as it can be. We're down 3-2, but we're looking to have a good solid Game 6 and try to bring it back here to Game 7.

Q. (Inaudible) Sykora and Elias were quicker and better without Arnott there. What was it like facing them with him and without him?

JOE SAKIC: That's one of the better lines, definitely with Arnott. They gave them some space. They got a couple of opportunities the last couple of games and we're definitely going to have to play smarter. I think a few other chances came out of our turnovers. That's something we talked about before the series, about the turnovers and we're going to have to do better with that.

Q. A lot of people in the media are wondering. Is Forsberg going to play? Is anyone counting on the fact that could happen?

JOE SAKIC: I don't know why anybody is thinking about it on the media part. There is no chance.

Q. Thank you.

. ADAM FOOTE: Maybe we can change it. A couple of minor changes. Penetrate more offense. We've got to realize to not press when the press isn't there. We have to recognize that better, just because we're not getting offense (inaudible). Like I said earlier, they got burnt on every mistake they made in the first three games and it seemed like the last two, if we made a mistake, it was in our net. And that's hockey. And we've got to get back to doing what we do best and that's not watching them and fall into their trap. That's taking it to them and making their "D" work, making their defense skate. In the last couple games we didn't do that. We gave them an easy game.

Q. Considering how good they've looked, is it tough to stay positive and say we can win two here?

ADAM FOOTE: You have to believe in your system. Their last two games they played patient. They played a patient game. They've been playing their system for a long time and they realize through time it will work for them. We've got to believe how we broke it in our wins and get back to doing that with more energy and really putting pressure on their "D" and their goaltending. Like I said, in the last two games, they haven't been tested. They haven't seen a hard game in the last two games. Brodeur hasn't been tested. So we've got to get back to getting some more offense going.

Q. (Inaudible) took more chances the last game?

ADAM FOOTE: You know, it's funny. You get burnt -- a guy could have the worst game of his career and score a game winner and have a good game. That's the perception of sports. That's the way it workS. We got caught in a couple of presses. Jersey is playing phenomenal. We're playing awful. All the wins and losses in the series, obviously the mind's a tough thing and once you get down a couple it's easier for the other team to play. They're playing their system and you're fighting it, and you press harder and there is another odd-man rush. That's hockey. It's going to continue to be that way. You just can't take chances as early. You have to be more patient, but yet patient and playing our game, not playing into New Jersey's hands. And in the last game we did.

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