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June 8, 2001

Adam Foote

Joe Sakic


JOE SAKIC: It is huge. Guys are going to be excited like they said, you still want to make sure you don't try and do too much. You want to stay to your game plan and play to the best of your ability.

Q. You want to get out to a quicker start than Game 6?

JOE SAKIC: We got to stay out of the penalty box. They generated an awful lot of chances on their powerplays, so we are going to have to stay out of the box. Other than that I thought we were solid. Patty gave us huge saves in the first period.

Q. Coach Hartley said Game 7 against the Kings really would help this team beginning of Game 7 tomorrow. How do you approach that?

JOE SAKIC: Same thing. That was I mean, we were great that game. We played real well, and especially the way like I said we played up until that point. We didn't play that well. That game we played real well, got our confidence turned around. Tomorrow night you have to be at your best.

ADAM FOOTE: Not think about that. You get ahead of yourself you lose energy, you know, you get hit with a truck when you think that way. We just have to really prepare and you are going to hear it a lot and focus and everyone has got to think three things that they bring to this team best and do it tomorrow and not be distracted from everything that is going on.

Q. Did something change when you won Game 7 against L.A. ? Was there a new sense of confidence?

ADAM FOOTE: Well, I think what was great is as a team we talked about some things we have to do as a team to change and L.A. was playing us very well. And we just changed a few things as a team. What was nice was we talked about it and we did it. I think that was big. But you gain confidence. You are in a lot of different situations in a long Playoff drive like this. You have to bring all the positives and the things you learned from previous series or games, and you know, bring those positive things to the next game.

Q. Anymore adjustments to be made at this late stage of the series or make sure everyone is prepared to leave it all on the ice tomorrow?

ADAM FOOTE: You have to leave it all on the ice but yet I think we have to, like I said earlier, we have to know what we do best, how we have been successful and I don't think you can talk about that enough, or little reminders here or there. We will go over some more tape and go over some of the things they do well and just remind ourselves and be ready.

Q. Knowing about the goaltending matchup how exciting is this for you knowing that they both have the capability of stealing games?

ADAM FOOTE: They are both great goaltenders in this League. You don't want to think of that. Right now, it is about thinking of the present. You can't think of what is going to happen in the future. That's when you start losing energy. You have got to stay really, really focused right now.

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