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May 20, 2002

Chris Drury

Peter Forsberg

Joe Sakic


Q. Peter, I'm wondering if you can tell me what the guys were thinking on the bench when he handed that one to Maltby. Were you thinking this was a night you will have to bail him out?

PETER FORSBERG: I don't know why you make a big deal of the second one. I thought it was a good play. We get to bail Patty out for once. He's always there for us. It's good we got a win tonight.

Q. A question for Peter. The other day you said you were not satisfied with your performance in Game 1. How about your performance today?

PETER FORSBERG: Yeah, I think so. Of course, when you win 4-3 instead of losing 5-3 you should be happy. You can't get too high or too low. You've got to keep working. Like you said, I'm happier today. There is a new game in two days. We'll be ready for that one. I don't look at my personal stuff. We've got to look at the next game.

Q. Peter, how did that last play set up for you, and what were you thinking when you made the pass?

PETER FORSBERG: On the last goal I came in late and Dru gave it to me. I took it over and shot it and turned around and shot it, and Hasek saved it. And Reinprecht really made a nice pass to Dru and Dru got good hands to put it in.

Q. Will you talk about the goal, the game winner?

CHRIS DRURY: I think I got a good pass from Kasparaitis. Peter came in late. Like Peter said, I made a few moves, and Reinprecht made an unbelievable pass, made a streak through the middle and I was able to put it by Hasek.

Q. Joe, Hasek, have you seen enough of him now to have a strategy? It seems he's very difficult to beat although you try to chip some things high and get him moving.

JOE SAKIC: He's like most goalies: they're really good down although. He's especially good down low and so flexible. I think you want to get a lot of shots through. Rebounds, you know you're not going to -- chances are you're not going to be able to put it in low. Like most goalies, you want to try to get it up. The one thing about him, he never quits. But you might think you have him, but you better make sure -- make a good shot, otherwise, he's just going to come out and make those spectacular saves.

Q. Question for Chris. You have an amazing knack in overtime to find space. Talk about being able to score goals in overtime.

CHRIS DRURY: I think I'm pretty lucky to be out there next to this guy and Steve Reinprecht. I think most of the overtime goals I have, I'm out there, I think, with Peter. He assisted on the last one. I don't think they're really watching me. Peter had the puck. A lot of guys were concentrating on him. I was able to find some room.

Q. Peter, having, you know, missed most of the year, are you feeling fresher in the playoffs at this point than maybe in a normal year and going through 82 games?

PETER FORSBERG: I do feel pretty fresh. I haven't played all year and now I've played 13 games. I still make mistakes, but I worked out a lot when I was not playing. Right now it feels pretty good, but like I said, I've got to keep on working and getting better every game.

Q. Chris, we've seen you score a lot of playoff goals. Were there different things you were trying to do to contribute or were you pressing?

CHRIS DRURY: I wasn't really pressing. Hasek made a good save on me with a great pass from Joe. I wasn't really pressing. I was trying to play my game, trying to do what I can do to help the team.

Q. Chris and Peter, could you guys kind of talk about the chemistry you guys have had on that line, you know, you haven't played together all year and you didn't have a lot of time with Steve coming into this year. Have you had to develop it, or have you been there kind of reading each other?

CHRIS DRURY: I think we have had it. I played with Peter last year and a little bit the year before. We seem to play together well. Steve had such a great year and we kind of all fit in. We had a few meetings here or there, but we kind of clicked from the beginning.

Q. Could you guys talk about how critical this victory was, the importance of the victory and going back to Denver all even?

JOE SAKIC: I think everyone knows how big of a win this is for us. You go home 0-2, it puts all the pressure on us to win both games. It's the best of five now. We seem to have home ice advantage, but, you know, in the playoffs that doesn't mean a heck of a lot, really. It was a huge win for us, tie up the series. And we have to worry about huge Game 3 now.

Q. Peter, talk about your goal and the goal off the skate, was that intentional or did you know exactly what you were doing when you were doing it?

PETER FORSBERG: No, I had no clue. You know, I think someone was holding my stick, and I didn't really have it in my hands. I guess it hit my skate and went in. I didn't know if they were going to count it. It was kind of a redirect and not a kick at all. We were happy we got the goal.

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