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May 21, 2002

Joe Sakic


Q. When you guys come back to get a big win like last night on the road, what does that mean for this team right now?

JOE SAKIC: Well, I mean, it was a huge one for us. They got a couple breaks. Patrick was unbelievable. The shorthanded one was just a bad break, and he got it out and Maltby made a great play to pick it up, and went on to the other one. I mean, so they do that play well, where if they don't have a shooting lane, they just fire away and they have a good bounce. So we kept our composure and kept going, so it was a big win for us.

Q. Do you feel like you guys have dominated most of the two games, certainly Game 2, if not most of Game 1?

JOE SAKIC: No, it's 1-1. So that's all. We don't look at if you dominate another team or not. They deserved to win Game 1. I mean, they came out and the scoring chances in the first two periods we were talking about were pretty even, and then they won the game in the third period. So they deserved that game. We just battled yesterday and got a good win.

Q. People have been -- us, the media -- have been throwing out the home ice, but that doesn't matter anymore. I mean, Pepsi Center, the way these playoffs are going --

JOE SAKIC: Home ice, I mean, I said that last night, it really doesn't matter. A lot of road teams have won this year in the playoffs. At this level, I know with both of our teams they're not afraid to play here, and we're not afraid to play there, so, it's wherever. Home ice doesn't matter.

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