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May 18, 2001

Joel Quenneville


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It's funny. Last game was the biggest game. This is now the biggest game.

COACH QUENNEVILLE: It's just -- we really liked how we played last game. Certainly there's some momentum to take out of it. But going back into it, we've got to get the series even. But we know we've got to play at least as well as we did last game and even better. So we're looking to build upon what we achieved, but the guys are excited about the opportunity going into tonight's game.

Q. You played better with 60 shots on goal against a Hall of Famer. What do you need, 100 shots on goal?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, just whatever it takes. Last game with the extra overtime period, we know we've got to get lots of people in front of them. And the percentages are, you get that many shots, eventually you're going to score. Whether we're going to need one, two, or three, don't expect more than that at this time in the game and particularly against him. So we want to make sure that, hey, we're going to have to get as many pucks as we can out of him. We need lots of people in front of him. This team is pretty effective at blocking shots and taking away the shooting lanes also. So, hey, sometimes it might take 100 shots.

Q. Do you read too much into it if someone on the other side says, well, it took the Blues 60 shots to beat them.

COACH QUENNEVILLE: I think that every game is winning and losing. We know we're up against one of the best goalies, ever. And how we overcome that as a team is we're doing everything we can. And I think that's got to be the message to our guys going into tonight's game is keep doing what you're doing.

Q. Shots aside, you have to be pretty happy with the way the defense handled Sakic. He was hardly visible.

COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, I think that not only our defense when we're on the ice got to be aware of him. I think the offensive players got to be doing the right things, and I think it starts in the offensive zone with that line, because they're so opportunistic off the rush, they're looking for that quick transition and where you put the puck. And the depth of your third man's got to be considered there also. But it's the line that we have to be aware of and try to shut down to give us chance.

Q. Without Forsberg in there, they don't puck control as much. They do a little bit more grinding. Do you see that at all?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, it's tough measure that, because I think they play with the lead throughout every game in the series, and they've been being ahead. They don't really have to create a lot. They're protecting and playing a defensive kind of a mindset. If they're playing from behind, you could see that change a little bit. I'd like to have the lead a little bit and see how that's going to play out.

Q. We saw two Roman Tureks in the last game. Bad early, good late. Are you concerned, does it make you nervous at all?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: No. I think that Roman kind of battled through a real tough beginning for him. Especially when the game was on the line, how he reacted to it, getting the win's going to help him, too. Getting that confidence knowing that here he is, being a big part of the team, we counted on him throughout the playoff, and we expect him to go forward.

Q. Those guys out there are pros. You get a win tonight, do you think it would had any effect on their mindset out there?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: Well, I think that definitely coming here, we've got to take care of our winning at home the give us any chance in the series. Momentum swings throughout the playoffs, they're high and low. Certainly they've been in situations at this stage of the playoffs and they've been ahead at this stage, and they've been behind at this stage.

End of FastScripts....

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